Have a comment quick!Yulin is cracking down on the indiscriminate parking of shared bikes

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The reporter learned from the City’s urban management and Supervision Bureau on February 15, in order to put the city’s urban Internet rental bicycle management into the standardized track, maintain good urban traffic order and city appearance environment, the city’s urban management and Supervision Bureau as yulin urban Internet rental bicycle standardized management of the leading department,It has drafted the Standard Operation Plan of Internet Rental Bicycles in The Downtown area of Yulin city (draft for comments) and the List of Internet Rental Bicycles in the Downtown Area of Yulin City (hereinafter referred to as Shared bikes) Parking Spots (the first batch, draft for comments), and is now soliciting public opinions.It is understood that there are a total of 6 car-sharing enterprises operating in Downtown Yulin, which are Songguo, Harlow, Meituan, Xiaozhou, Qingju and Miaowalk. They are basically mused vehicles, with a very small number of sporadic Harlow bikes, with a total of about 53,000 vehicles.These shared bikes not only make it more convenient for residents to travel and solve the last three kilometers’ travel problem, but also have many problems.The disorderly parking of urban shared bikes is the first disorder of market access.The sharing vehicle operation enterprises stationed in the urban area of Yulin, without the approval of any government department, put the vehicles into operation and maintenance by themselves, and lack the regulation of clear and standardized market access mechanism.At the same time, vehicle flooding, management absence.Multiple Shared vehicles currently operating companies in order to seize market, wanton on the Shared vehicles, absence of enterprise management and result in yulin city street corner, the possibility of sharing vehicles piled up, especially in the south department, the purchase, wanda plaza, rt-mart, such as business district, railway station, bus station transport hub and the family school, share the vehicles parked at random, blocking traffic,Seriously disturb yulin city traffic order, affect the city appearance environment.Additional user civilization quality is not high.Due to the lack of effective restriction user behavior free parking vehicles, put down or not according to the car, will share the vehicles abandoned in the corner, malicious damage sharing dump of vehicle accessories, there are even two or more people ride on a Shared motorcycles, optional in traffic shuttle for controlling and under the age of 16 one full year of life behavior using Shared vehicles, etc.,There are great security risks.Measures:Standardize the management Many work at the launch of the Shared cycling related draft, specifically to service first, innovation, pilot, apanage management, the principle of work, by by means of market allocation resources, government regulation, optimize configuration of municipal public resources, standardize management of the Internet rental bike, implement enterprise’s main body responsibility,Guide the standardized and orderly development of shared bikes in the city center.In addition to improving the organizational leadership and coordination mechanism, through public bidding, the top five bike-sharing operating enterprises, such as comprehensive quality reputation and service management level, will be selected to operate, and paid to obtain the right to use the shared bike parking spots in the downtown area of Yulin City for three years.And adhere to the principle of total control, scientific distribution and gradual release, the total number of shared bikes in the downtown area is controlled at 36,000.In the first year of operation, the number of shared bikes is limited to 30,000, and each winning company is limited to 6,000 bikes.In the future, the parking lot and the quantity will be adjusted according to the situation.In terms of standardized management, there are clear requirements, plans to establish and improve the evaluation system and enterprise exit mechanism, and standardize enterprise behavior.Organize relevant departments to regularly assess the operation and management of operating enterprises, and incorporate the assessment results into credit management to establish a long-term management mechanism.At the same time, efforts have been intensified to investigate and punish traffic violations, affecting the city’s appearance and environment, illegally occupying roads, and indiscriminate parking of vehicles.1. Send your opinions and suggestions to ylcg2835071@163.com by email with the subject of “Standard Operation Plan of Internet Bicycle Rental in Yulin City Center” to solicit opinions.2. Mail your comments and suggestions to: Yulin Municipal Bureau of Urban Management and Supervision, 4th Floor, Air Defense Building, No. 97 Shuangyong Road, Yulin, Guangxi (Zip code 537000), and mark on the envelope the words of “Standard Operation Plan of Internet Rental Bicycle in Downtown Area of Yulin” to solicit comments “.The deadline for feedback is February 18, 2022, and all relevant units or individuals are welcome to submit their comments and suggestions.About our graphic collection: Reporter Zhou Lihua Duty editor: Liang Yuanfan Responsible editor: Jiang Xihe Yulin Daily all media matrix