It was written on the twelfth month of the year of Renyin

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Writer Bai Luomei said: “Everyone lives with his or her soul. Some people like quietness and trust their soul to the moon and still water.Some people like to make, the heart exiled to the breeze waves;Some people love, will be immersed in love life, for can not control the gathering, doing tired heart injury;Human shallow, walk in the scenery of the world of mortals, always so wind light cloud light “.Today is the twelfth month of the first month of the year of Renyin, the sun, such as shoe responsibility, slipped into my house from the bay window, warm.My life, with the sun has gone through 70 spring and autumn.Time has deep meaning, I experienced great sadness and great joy, I understand the sad spring and autumn, I know what is called great enlightenment.In my life, sometimes the years leave me no choice, I just have to go with the flow.On the road of my life, I have heard and seen things that make me curious and upset.In my life, a lot of times I don’t choose life, but life chooses me.My life, when there is happiness, I feel up in the clouds, and when there is pain, I go to hell as follows.Time has identified my mediocre life, but also confirmed my life on the road of some brilliant.Now, those only a little brilliant, also by the ruthless time out, discarded in a unknown corner.As time goes by, everything will go, will not stand for me forever!In a hurry time, joys and sorrows, laughter mixed with tears, and finally precipitation into memory, just this thought, will be lost at the end of the journey of life.The time time that passes, I have seen too much ugliness, also encounter a lot of beauty, retire old I, like night more and more, because night has broad bosom and contain heart, it covered up all beauty, also contain all ugliness at the same time.I like night, in the quiet night, I can communicate with nature, and the dialogue between heaven and earth.In the night of the moon, you can discharge the troubles of the earth, relax your body and mind, feel the vast and far-reaching sky with your heart, and enjoy the silence and excitement of the earth.I like the night, away from the hustle and bustle of the day, but also a true self.You can think of nothing, or you can think of everything, and enjoy the pleasure of “unconstrained thinking”!Keep the beauty of silence that belongs to you.I like the night, in the company of tea fragrance, read a few good articles, and ancient and modern dialogue, let their own thoughts along with the plot ups and downs!I like the night, night meditation and reading, bred me a warm heart of contentment.A lot of things can be open to put down!I like to write under the lamp at night to interpret life and eulogize the beauty of nature.Bai Luomei said that everyone is alive and their soul has something to rest on. I am the one who likes quietness and entrusts my soul to the moon and still water at night….