No wonder LPG is not resistant to burning, insiders broke the news: adulterated dimethyl ether!Tens of thousands of dollars a day

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As people’s living conditions become better and better, every household uses liquefied natural gas, and people living in cities also use natural gas.Compared with the past, it has brought a lot of convenience to people’s life.However, more and more people complain that LPG is not resistant to burning.When liquefied gas was just popularized, a pot of gas cooking vegetables and boiling water could be used for half a year for a long time.Now, even with infrequent use, a can of gas still burns less than two months.So, why LPG is not used before?First of all, it is certain that there is no LPG burning resistance before.In addition to some people use liquefied natural gas more frequent reasons, there are two reasons that lead to liquefied natural gas is abandoned “the culprit”.We should know that in today’s society, the competition in all walks of life is very fierce, big to international disputes, small to street peddling, in the field of liquefied gas sales is also the same.In order to form the price advantage, attract more customers, sellers have reduced the price of liquefied gas.At the same time, they also have to ensure that they get a considerable profit, so when filling cans, these sellers reduce the original 14.5 kg can of liquefied gas to about 12 kg.As the amount is reduced, the time for LPG support is naturally reduced.Not only that, a lot of careful people also found that, when the liquefied gas stove is turned on, the flames that burst out are mostly red and orange, while the flames before are blue and light blue.The color of the flame is different because LPG now has a lot of dimethyl ether in it, which is another reason why LPG does not burn well.So what is dimethyl ether?Why does it lead to intolerant burning of liquefied gas?Why would the seller add dimethyl ether to the liquid gas?What dimethyl ether is Dimethyl ether is an organic compound that appears under atmospheric pressure as a colorless gas or compressed liquid with a slight ether odor.Melting point is -141℃, boiling point is -29.5℃, easy to explode in open fire.But it has very good compressibility, condensation and gasification characteristics, so its practical use is very wide.Dimethyl ether can not only serve as refrigerants, extraction agents, anesthetics, but also used for hair care, skin care, medical drugs and other products in the production.However, the domestic use of dimethyl ether is mainly in the industrial field.In industry, it is one of the important raw materials for the production and synthesis of many chemical products.Taking the production of dimethyl sulfate in China as an example, it is an indispensable material in the plastic industry. However, the traditional manufacturing method will produce a highly toxic and corrosive substance in the production process.However, if dimethyl ether synthesis method is used, it is much safer and environmentally friendly.In addition, dME can be used as a vehicle fuel, which burns cleanly, is more efficient than conventional diesel engines and produces less noise.But since they can be used as fuel, why is adding dimethyl ether to liquefied gas a fraud?This should be clean and efficient dimethyl ether, and liquefied gas mixed after the gas why not burn?In fact, this is mainly related to the different calorific value of the two.Calorific value is the amount of heat released when a kilogram or cubic meter of fuel is fully burned. It is a measure of how much chemical energy is converted into internal energy when different fuels are burned.In other words, the higher the calorific value of a fuel of the same mass or volume, the higher the energy released and the better its quality.LPG has a calorific value of 11,000 calories per kilogram, while DME has a calorific value of only 8,600 calories per kilogram.Obviously, LPG burns better.Therefore, although dimethyl ether has a wide range of applications and many advantages, LPG is still a better choice for People’s Daily use.Because of the lower calorific value, LPG mixed with dimethyl ether is less “efficient” to use. People need to spend more time boiling water, and LPG is consumed faster.So aside from faster consumption, is there any other downside to the adulteration of dME?If the harm of adulterated dimethyl ether is only in the liquid gas combustion performance to eat a little loss, think about it may also calculate.But in liquefied gas adulterated dimethyl ether, may produce greater harm.The liquefied gas tank we use has a certain level of safety, as long as you do not play with fire nearby, or shake the gas tank violently, it will not explode.Hoses used to transport liquefied gas, however, are not so safe.The dimethyl ether, which the seller mixes with liquefied gas, is not corrosive to metals only, but to ordinary plastic or rubber materials.The pipes connecting the gas cooker to the liquefied gas tank are likely to corrode over the long term, causing gas leaks or irreparable explosions.If adulterated LPG is so dangerous, why do those sellers do it?Hasn’t the explosion in Shiyan city, Hubei Province on June 13, 2021 rung the alarm bell?The accident destroyed 41 vegetable markets, killing 25 people and injuring 138 others, with 37 seriously injured.The reason is that there was a leak in the gas pipeline.In fact, reports about the adulteration of dimethyl ether in natural gas have been reported as early as March 15, 2021, insiders broke the news, claiming that adding dimethyl ether in liquefied gas has become the norm in the industry.Many LPG stations in Anhui, Henan and other places have mixed dimethyl ether into LPG.Among them, the adulteration rate of a liquefied gas station in Yongcheng city, Henan province even reached 45.7%.Profit is the sole purpose of all merchants.For the things we buy, no matter how low the price, the seller also makes money.They ignore the safety risks in liquefied gas in the adulteration of dimethyl ether, nature is also because it can bring profits for them, and is a huge profit.In January 2021, the price of dimethyl ether per ton is 3700 yuan, and the price of liquefied gas per ton is 4900 yuan, just look, the price difference between the two has reached 1200 yuan per ton.Give an example, will calculate according to the weight of 12 kilograms of every canister liquefied gas, a canister cost is 58.8 yuan.Adding 40% dimethyl ether, the cost is 53.04 yuan.That’s $5.40 more for each can sold.Assuming a liquefied gas station can sell 1,000 bottles of liquefied gas a day, he can earn an extra 5,400 yuan.Not only that, the more dME the seller added, the more profit, tens of thousands of dollars a day is not unusual.To sum up, we can not change the business practices, it is necessary to improve their awareness, every household can replace the ordinary gas pipe with dimethyl ether corrosion resistant pipe.In addition, the color of the flame and the volume of the gas released when the canister is unscrewed can be used to determine whether the gas is mixed with dimethyl ether.The orange color of the flame and the loud release of the gas are usually adulterated with dME.Businesses can only see the immediate interests, but we have to be responsible for the safety of their own and their families, so the safety problem, we must pay attention to, as far as possible to eliminate safety hazards in life, to prevent the occurrence of tragedy.Reference: Basic Knowledge of LIQUEFIED petroleum Gas, Chen Qiming, 2012-5-1, author: Jing Jing, editor: Li Zi