Famous masterpiece “emperor against the Primetime”, suspense reborn chapter, miss simply want to cry dead!

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Chapter 6 The Black Bird in Commerce, where is Kong Xuan?Three mountains.A most handsome man was sitting in the hall, reading a book on war.This man is the target that di Xin seeks this time: kong Xuan of generation fierce person.”Newspaper!General!””What’s the matter?The man’s voice was like a warm wind echoing through the hall.”There came a Taoist from outside, and he said that he would have a test of Taoism with you, general!””The soldier said respectfully.This shows the general’s prestige in the eyes of his soldiers.”Oh?”Kong Xuan was stunned at last.This man came to Sanshan pass not to sanshan pass general Deng Jiugong, but to him.After he came to the three mountains pass, he has been practicing martial arts, even his own soldiers do not know the fact that he can daoshu.But now this unknown Taoist knows that he can do Taoist magic.It is also true, in fact, Kong Xuan famous world War I is in the three mountains pass before the war against the western quasi mention of the saint, in the face of the saint, unafraid, fierce, under the five colors of god, actually will quasi mention to brush into the five colors of god.This is the claim of the first man with a saint.Now, even if we tell others that Kong Xuan knows tao, people will treat him as an unknown character.’No!How proud Kong Xuan was!If all the cats and dogs came to him for a test, he would not be bored to death.”Why are you still here?”Saw the soldier after hearing his own words, not only did not go.Instead, he looked surprised.”Oh.Right.The general.The preacher seemed to know that the general would not see him!Therefore, the man specially told the little man that the general would certainly go to see him after hearing this!””That’s funny!Now, what message does this preacher want you to preach?”Kong Xuan had put down his book of war.He asked curiously, looking at the soldiers in front of him.”Five colors of divine light, nothing do not brush!Black bird is in business, where is Kong Xuan?”After the soldier had just finished speaking, Kong Xuan’s lazy expression disappeared instantly.At this moment, Kong Xuan showed his sharp edge.It’s like trying to Pierce the sky.The sharp eye pierced the void directly and saw Dixin waiting outside the camp.Kong Xuan was really surprised that this mysterious Taoist actually knew his identity, and revealed his purpose to come here.Who is this man?What is this man doing here?What is this man doing here?A series of questions came to Kong Xuan’s mind.”Tao friend, can you talk about it with me?”Dishing’s words suddenly reached Kong Xuan.Di Xin looked kong Xuan in the eye and spoke softly.Kong Xuan’s eyes narrowed.At this time, he also felt the intrepid Taoist people.It is a being no weaker than itself.How could he not know what he was capable of without others knowing it?”Good!Kong Xuan has his pride.A man who does not fear a saint. Who does he fear?”You and I can talk in the chaos!”When He said that, He went straight into the void.At this time di Xin does not want to expose the strength of Kong Xuan, also do not want to expose their strength in advance.Fighting in the middle of the primordial, the aftermath of the battle of the Grand Consummation is too great.In time, I am afraid that the whole of the ancient world famous people will know the strength of Kong Xuan.This is not what I want to see.Brush!Kong Xuan is also no nonsense, behind the five color ray flash.The whole person is instantly dissipated in place.Kong Xuan was also a fighting maniac.It’s just that over the years there’s no one worthy of their hand and they’ve gradually calmed down.But if you think Kong Xuan is easy to deceive, you are really wrong.At this time, Kong Xuan’s momentum is wide open, even in the chaos, but also forced the chaos of the retreat.”Poor road, Zhou Tiandao people!Kong Daoyou, be careful!”Dixin also understood kong Xuan’s mentality now.So, just give a name, just call.Dixin punched Kong Xuan directly.It seemed to be just an ordinary punch, but the chaos suddenly seemed to boil, and there was a rumbling sound.An overwhelming force hit Kong Xuan, the fist whistled, it was like a mountain hit.”Ha ha ha, good!Take me back!”Kong Xuan was not afraid of the fight, the same direct blow out.Like a mountain to collapse the earth, with Kong Xuan as the center, is also a huge fist with the momentum of the fight against the sky.”Boom!There was chaos and turmoil.Convulsed by the fighting posture of Emperor Xin and Kong Xuan.”Good!””Taking my punch!”Rumble, rumble, rumble, Rumble, Dizen is blessed.Kongtong Yin has the historical cohesion of the human race.Naturally, the fighting experience between the human race and the monster is also spread to his body.Human suffering historical period, tens of thousands of human and demon at bloody battles, combat experience how rich!But Tisine had the experience but not the experience.Now the battle with Kong Xuan, those combat experience is flowing in the di Xin every move.”Good!A good time!Have fun!”Kong Xuan shouted, all over the momentum again skyrocketed.Like a god of war.Two people fighting the aftermath, even if there is quasi saint here are unbearable, visible fighting fierce.Repair to reach the extent of the two of them, a punch and a foot are contained in the power of heaven and earth.And general lingbao is not too big to the threat of two people.”Purple dragon pepe, purple dragon strike!Suddenly, a huge purple dragon rushed straight from The body of Dixin towards Kong Xuan.”Five colors of divine light, brush all things!”From kong Xuan’s body is also flashed out a burst of five colors divine light, like that huge fan, brush, the purple dragon instant is disappeared.In the chaos, five lofty feathers, blue, red, white, black, purple appeared in the void, indistinct can be seen a huge peacock is roaring up to the sky.”Brother Tao, pick me up!”For a moment, Dixin felt as if he was in a hazy space, filled with five elements of energy, as if he were being assimilated.”Ho!”At this time, kongtong printed a thousand feet of golden light, a golden five-claw dragon directly tore this space, this time, the five senses of di Xin is restored.”Ha ha ha, kong Dao friend five color divine light, be really terrible terrible ah!”When Di Xin came out, he looked at Kong Xuan and smiled.”Ashamed!Ashamed!But Kong Xuan underestimated the whole world!”Kong Xuan quickly returned the favor.This is dixin’s strength has been recognized by Kong Xuan.Otherwise, you can’t expect Kong Xuan to say anything about it.”I think kong Dao you five color space is not perfect!Otherwise, there is no way to escape!”Well, that’s the truth, too.If it is the five color space comparable to a big world, perhaps that time can be trapped saint.”I also know that my five-color space is not very complete, but how difficult it is to perfect the space?”It seems that it is not simple to perfect this five-color space.Otherwise will not be able to kongxuan can only shake his head sigh.”No one has been able to escape my five-color divine light since I was born!It has not been verified!Today, it seems that anyone with deep magic power may break my five color space!”Kong Xuan look depressed said.”Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!Must be able to break the road friends of the five colors of god light but way ancestor, six saint, town Yuan Fairy, Styx old ancestor, the demon teacher Kunpeng, big wizard torture days and a few people!The world is big, can go ah!”Dixin shook his head and said angrily.”Have you forgotten yourself?”Kong Xuan looked at Di Xin and said teasingly, “Ah!Prehistoric really hidden dragon crouching tiger, prehistoric to the strong, I also have some understanding!But always also can’t think youdao friend so character existence!””Ha, ha, ha, presumably to channel members of intelligence, to guess who this way!”Di Xin looked at Kong Xuan and said 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