Guo Degang is rich and powerful, Jinan Deyun Society into a municipal key project, netizens: want to pay attention to the teacher

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Guide language: speak of Guo Degang this star crosstalk actor, should have the crosstalk that a lot of readers had heard him say.In other words, Guo degang’s success is really not easy.Once Guo Degang was also looked down upon by a lot of people, the road to fame is full of ups and downs, but fortunately, Guo Degang finally endured, and led the Deyun society, quickly occupied half of the crosstalk world.Now, when it comes to crosstalk, deyun Society is absolutely famous.Although there are a lot of crosstalk performers who are not Deyunshe and perform very well, their popularity is far less than that of Deyunshe.Besides crosstalk, Deyun Society also has its own variety show, which is very popular.Pass the effort of so many years, Guo Degang serves as the bellwether of deyun society, also early already had earned basin full bowl full.I thought that after such excellent results, Guo Degang will be satisfied with the current development of Deyun Society.But what let a person do not think of is, Guo Degang is also really rich and powerful, deyun society is still in ceaseless expansion.Recently, it has been revealed that Jinan Deyun Society has become a key project of Jinan city in 2022.The building, named Jinan Deyun Cultural Square, alone covers an area of 28,000 square meters, and the building area, but also reached an amazing 109,000 square meters.Such data can be said to be quite amazing, if the estimation is correct, such a “Jinan Deyun Society” can be regarded as the existence of wanda on a similar scale.Don’t say Guo Degang is rich and powerful, such a big building, just the money of the land and the money of the building, for ordinary people, I’m afraid it is an astronomical figure?But Guo Degang has such strength, let a person refuse to accept all not line.However, this building has not been fully formed yet, and it will take a long time to complete it. After all, such a large building area will require a terrible amount of time and energy.In addition, with the continuous expansion of deyun Society, the number of apprentices of Guo Degang should be a little insufficient at present.After all, each venue should have more or less resident actors, can not wait for the Performance of Jinan Deyun Society, and then from other places to come over?So some netizens joked: Those who want to visit teachers should hold on tight.In fact, it is indeed a good choice to join Deyun Society at this stage. The background is hard enough, and there are many opportunities in the expansion process. Therefore, if there are friends who are interested in this aspect, they can also boldly try it.Anyway, the emergence of Jinan Deyun Society, in fact, is indeed convenient for many shandong fans.In the past, if you wanted to see a performance of Deyun Society, you had to find time to buy tickets and travel all the way to the show.Now as long as jinan deyun Club opens, it can solve a lot of trouble for fans.Conclusion: Anyway, the appearance of Jinan Deyun Society is also a symbol of strength.I hope deyun Society can develop better and better in the future, and I also hope Guo Degang can have students all over the world.Only in this way, after a few years, the reputation of Deyun Society can be maintained.What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment below!