Xiangcheng Zhengtai Bowen School held the 2022 Spring semester work deployment meeting

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to ensure the smooth opening of the new semester, Zhengtai Bowen School in Xiangcheng held a meeting for the spring opening on February 9th, 2022.The meeting was presided over by the party branch secretary of the school, Long Qinghe.At the meeting, the principal Ma Jin first sent to everyone the New Year’s blessing, and the last semester of the work carried out a comprehensive summary, the new semester education and teaching, epidemic prevention and control, campus safety, teachers’ ethics, school preparation and other work carried out a detailed arrangement and arrangement.He pointed out that the new semester should focus on the following four aspects of work, one to do a good job in the steady improvement of education and teaching quality, two to weave a tight network of epidemic prevention and control, three to ensure campus safety zero accidents, four to do a good job in the construction of teachers’ ethics.The meeting also made specific arrangements for collective lesson preparation and teacher training.Teacher representatives Wang Shujie and Zhao Shujie shared their class management and teaching experience respectively.”I am an honorable teacher of the people. I am a member of Zhengtai Bowen School.For the ideal of students, for the parents of the great trust, for the development of the school, for the takeoff of the nation, I solemnly swear: loyalty to the party’s educational cause, conscientiously perform sacred duties……”Teachers’ collective oath, the atmosphere of the conference to a climax, but also conveyed the confidence and determination of all the staff.At the end of the meeting, the party branch secretary Long Qinghe said, the opening of the work deployment meeting, firmly set the direction of the school’s new semester, further improve the ideological understanding, clear work ideas, for the new semester education and teaching work orderly, efficient development to do enough preparation.(Zhoukou news hotline: 180 0371 1867, email: zhoukou@hnr.cn.The “Elephant Escort Office” tel: 180 0371 9699)