India is the focus of global attention, while the epidemic in the US and Brazil is out of control, and money cannot solve it

2022-04-28 0 By

According to a report by China News Service on February 7, the global epidemic situation is still not optimistic. The epidemic situation in Brazil and the United States is completely out of control. According to the data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, omicron BA.2 subvariant has appeared in the local area, in a rising trend, as of 14:00 on February 11.The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Brazil has exceeded 27.12 million and the number of new cases has exceeded 180,000, indicating that the epidemic in Brazil remains in a very bad state.In the U.S., the cumulative number of confirmed cases is expected to exceed 80 million and the number of deaths is expected to exceed 930,000, making it only a matter of time before it reaches 1 million.When the epidemic situation in Brazil how even though the United States still has the largest number of people confirmed cases and deaths worldwide, but compare the surge in new cases in January, the first week of February, the United States will be reported by the coronavirus new cases decreased obviously, compared to the last week, at least has declined, the death toll also declined, probably by 15%.France, another country heavily affected by the omicron strain, also saw a drop in new cases.But even if the data drop, but not on behalf of the epidemic situation in these countries will keep up such a positive momentum, because these countries the epidemic is still not value in itself, that although some of the government and institutions began to throw money, demand the vaccination, and distributed detection reagent, also still not solve the current outbreak.India into the global spotlight in the United States and Brazil is still the world the number of confirmed its new ranks high in the country, only the most eye-catching but not the United States and Brazil, but India, India following the delta after the emergence of a target of world attention, now once again become the focus of global attention, compared to the United States and Brazil and other countries the same week,While the number of confirmed cases and deaths fell in other countries, India saw a rise with 8,000 new deaths, a direct increase of 69%.India now has more than half a million cumulative confirmed deaths, making it only the third country after the United States and Brazil to break that threshold.In response to India’s official figures, a number of data analysts have expressed doubts, suggesting that India’s figures are distorted, and have even ventured to speculate that at least 3 million new Coronavirus deaths occurred in India as early as the middle of last year.India, in particular, as one of the countries hardest hit by both the Delta strain and the Omicron strain, could not have had such a low death toll.The US media has repeatedly questioned India, saying that not only the death toll has exceeded millions, but the number of confirmed cases has already exceeded hundreds of millions.India for its outbreak given conclusion is that under the condition of the domestic comprehensive promotion vaccination, let the country’s death toll is under control, significantly lower fatality rate, which is used by India’s new 100000 deaths so far the longest period of time, just talk about India, many countries were not amused,Think India must be hiding real data.Actually regardless of outbreak of India, the United States should focus on their own on the prevention of the United States is still under the current situation of the countries most affected by the outbreak, all aspects of the data in the first, Brazil is in the third place, the same will cause to the attention of the outbreak, the two governments must change the attitude of epidemic diseases, take active measures, as soon as possible will be coronavirus threat is reduced,In order to get on the road to economic recovery as quickly as possible, and give all the people a stable life.