Spring Festival holiday, Shunyi district rich cloud culture travel products supply!

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During the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger, Shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau has enriched the supply of cloud cultural travel products, bringing high-quality and diversified holiday experience to the general public.Located in Shunyi Park, the Winter Olympics Cultural square also brings the Spirit of the Olympic Games into people’s lives through exhibition areas, local features, ice and snow activities, stage areas and other featured areas to achieve “better life for the Winter Olympics”.During the Spring Festival, tourists in scenic spots, new forms of business, cultural and entertainment enterprises and public cultural places consciously practice “booking before travelling”, and the cultural and tourism market is orderly.In order to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure holiday services, all staff of shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau have stopped work and settled down to supervise and inspect the work of winter Olympics service guarantee, regular epidemic prevention and control, national civilized city construction, and investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, so as to ensure a safe and orderly market for Japanese holidays.During the Spring Festival of 2022, tourism enterprises in the district (including three pavilions and one courtyard) received 513,971 people, up 99.22% compared with the same period in 2021 and 21.12% compared with the same period in 2019.The revenue was 71.839,600 yuan, up 121.93% year-on-year in 2021 and 22.47% year-on-year in 2019.Cultural enterprises received 15,776 people and earned 1,493,600 yuan.”Welcome the Winter Olympics, Celebrate the New Year” has become the main theme of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.The Winter Olympics Culture Square in Shunyi district was officially launched on February 4, with curling experience area, Shunyi Intangible cultural Heritage exhibition area, Winter Olympics knowledge popularization area and other featured areas open to the public to fully feel the passion of ice and snow.Square center stage twice a day of artistic performances, including dance, song, opera, recitation, instrumental music and other colorful art forms, to attract the people in Beijing New Year’s day immersed in the Chinese traditional culture of peace and joy.The winter Olympic Culture Square, full of New Year flavor, has realized the integration of ice and snow sports and traditional culture.At the same time, four winter Olympics communities and three winter Olympics public cultural facilities in the area adopted the “online + offline” way to carry out colorful mass writing activities.During the Spring Festival, shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau launched a cloud culture feast, staged a series of wonderful activities, so that the public spent a unique cloud holiday.Collection of public cultural services cloud platform area culture center, the evaluated integratedly, community forecast and all kinds of online activities during the Spring Festival message more than 300, covering celebrates its folk games, literature and art joint performance during the Spring Festival, Spring Festival, Spring Festival couplets solicitation, a variety of types such as famous lecture, fully meet the new needs of citizens in the New Year’s day, 210000 hits.”New Life, new fashion, New Year” — our well-off life theme art works cloud exhibition, exhibition “Spring scenery full garden” “song of The Times” “prosperous years” three themes of more than 300 pieces of art works, so that the public online feel the joy of the New Year, exhibition visits over 4200 person-time, click volume of 93,000.Shunyi District Culture Museum, library and museum will integrate the elements of the Winter Olympics into traditional folk customs and historical culture with wonderful online art performances, online exhibitions, interactive competitions and cultural activities, making the online New Year not lack of cultural flavor, but also winter Olympics feeling.Online cultural activities in various towns and streets launched a number of cultural feasts full of visual charm through online artistic performances, Spring Festival Couplets exhibition, dance competitions, Cloud Spring Festival Gala, Cloud New Year greeting, intangible cultural heritage inheritance and record display, and village history hall.Current-limiting reservation dynamic monitoring control powerful travel safety first, prevention and control of shunyi district culture and tourism bureau adhere to intensify supervision inspection, the scenic area, recreational places strict reservation and the current limit, temperature, and measures, the implementation of the tourism scenic area reception of visitors may not exceed 75% of the maximum bearing capacity of check and ratify the requirements, and to implement dynamic control in the number of employees, to avoid risk aggregation.The Snow World of Shunyi Olympic Water Park features dragon and lion dances and stilt performances.The Beijing International Flower Port Ice and Snow Carnival allows the public to make snowmen, have snowball fights and skate on the wide snow field, to pursue their childhood memories together, to enjoy the ice and snow feast, and to welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The snow circles, snow turns, snow tanks, snow diggers and dog plows in hebei Village Folk Custom Park attract many ice and snow sports lovers to pursue their childhood memories of ice and snow.Cofco xiangyun Town has launched a number of activities, including the First Winter Dream Ice Group exhibition in Beijing, the Spring Festival lantern show, and the ice and snow entertainment, which have become a good place to experience the charm of ice and snow in the City of Double Olympics.During the holidays, the cultural tourism market of the whole region was safe and stable, and there were no tourism complaints and tourism safety accidents.The relevant member units of the district holiday tourism work leading group shall, according to their duties, intensify the law enforcement and inspection of the cultural and tourism market order during holidays.During the holiday, public security, transportation, market, urban management and emergency departments sent 3,522 law enforcement personnel and 1,106 law enforcement vehicles.During holidays, Shunyi District Culture and Tourism Bureau implemented the requirements of “cadres on duty, the masses celebrate festivals” and launched the working mechanism of tourism safety service and guarantee for important festivals. The section-level leaders and department cadres were divided into 6 inspection groups every day, and adopted the methods of non-greeting, random sampling and inspection.We will conduct on-site supervision and inspection in scenic spots, hotels, rural tourism features, theaters, libraries, ice and snow projects, Olympic-related hotels and cultural and entertainment venues, and comprehensively supervise and guide enterprises to implement epidemic prevention measures such as traffic restriction, reservation, peak error, temperature measurement, code scanning and wearing masks.Focusing on key areas, key parts and weak links, the investigation and management of security risks and hidden dangers in fire control, gas and electrical lines and emergency guard shall be carried out in an all-round way.We will severely crack down on the chaos of the tourism market, investigate and punish illegal behaviors related to tourism, and create a reassuring, thoughtful and comfortable holiday tourism environment for tourists.A total of 316 inspectors were dispatched to inspect 195 enterprises.During holidays, the tourism service supervision and safety emergency command platform of Shunyi District operates 24 hours a day to realize real-time video monitoring of key areas of key enterprises in full time and all weather.