Qoros 7 comes out of the blue and has everything you need every day

2022-04-29 0 By

Now consumers buy a car first is to see this car configuration is not rich, for nature is no exception.Here is a good introduction to it.First, externally, the Front of the Qoros 7 looks cool and sporty.In addition to the unique headlights, visual effect and vehicle positioning happens to coincide.The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, headlights height adjustment, automatic opening and closing, delay closing and so on.When it comes to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 4679MM*1897MM*1679MM. The car adopts fashionable and simple lines, and the body gives a feeling of being very cold. With large size thick wall tires, it looks very sporty.In the future, the overall shape of the tail and the front of the echo, taillight style is more personality publicity, coupled with a unique shape of the exhaust pipe, the overall layout is impressive.Come to the car, the interior style is very cold, the overall design of the atmosphere is more in place.The car steering wheel shape is very delicate, the use of leather material, grip performance is good.Let’s take a look at the center control, which is decorated with a 14.6 inch center control screen to make the interior style impressive, and the details are still in place.The interior feels good, and then look at the dashboard and seats, the car dashboard presents a sedate atmosphere design style, very eye-catching.The car has leather seats that are wide and thick to enhance the ride experience.With a wet dual clutch (DCT) transmission and a maximum power of 170KW and a maximum torque of 300N.m, the Qoros 7 performs well.Qoros 7 rear compartment space performance is normal, if you need to install some large items, the rear seat can also support proportional recline, enough to meet the family.At the same time, the car is equipped with fatigue warning, brake anti-lock braking (ABS), LED daytime running lights, brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.), braking force distribution (EBD) main driver airbag, co-pilot airbag, side air curtain, front side airbag and other safety configurations.The Qoros 7 introduced today is not only impressive in terms of space, but also achieves mainstream standards in terms of configuration. The driving experience and space experience are not to be faulted.If you are interested in it, try it out for yourself. I believe it will give you a good experience.