Runan County Changxing town: spring breeze blowing thousands of villages green

2022-04-29 0 By

Zhumadian network news (Reporter Deng Danhua correspondent Yang Minghua) On February 6th, walking into Changxing Town, Runan County, I saw flying spades and smiling faces covered with sweat everywhere on both sides of roads, ditches and villages and fields. Rows and rows of newly planted saplings were sprouting and sprouting.”This year, we around the construction of ecological township goal, through the” six catch “train of thought, the planting of three red crape myrtle, osmanthus, camphor and other flowers and trees as beautification of the environment, rich people’s main measures to catch, let the masses share the fruits of green development”.Town party secretary Liu Yang said.Highlight project.Wang Ji village three red crape Myrtle Co., Ltd. as a support, vigorously advocate the masses planting economic forest, using 2- March time, the Wang Ji village all roads on both sides of the poplar tree cut, plant three red crape myrtle, the Wang Ji village into the county’s first “three red crape myrtle village.”Focus on high-quality projects.With changxing, Xiwangzhuang and Mudun as the main villages, we will build a fine afforestation project of 14,000 mu, planting 12 trees on roads and 6000 new plants of all kinds of flowers and trees, so as to drive the development of afforestation work in the whole town.Catch the green channel.To build kaigong Road, Zhengzheng road, county and township roads and town and village roads of green channel highlight projects, the town of 32 green channels, newly planted saplings 10,000.Catch grid tree planting.According to the requirements of a grid of 300 mu, the sections and the number of trees should be planted in each village are planned scientifically, so as to concentrate personnel, financial resources and time, unify the standard and promote the whole.Grasp clear property rights.All roads in the town will be set up files, adopt the method of public contracting, clear property rights, issued forest certificates, to achieve the goal of road right, tree root, people centering.Grasp tree management.Towns and villages respectively set up 20 tree management and protection teams, to resolutely crack down on the behavior of tree destruction, make “planting green, protecting green, love green” become the national consciousness of civilization, to ensure the survival rate of trees up to 100%.In recent days, the town sunrise movement labor force of more than 3000 people, more than 200 vehicles, has planted more than 60,000 trees.”The spring breeze blows a thousand villages green.Afforestation will be more and more densely woven changxing town green, ecological appearance level is higher and higher, flower and wood industry will become a new growth point for farmers to increase their income.”Mayor Xu Chunhua said.