Chinese Calligraphy Journal | Wang Weilin: Zhao Yanjun’s Trio

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Zhao Yanjun is a famous calligrapher who has attracted much attention in the contemporary calligraphy world, and has naturally become an important calligrapher in the study of the development of contemporary calligraphy.In Zhejiang province, in the Yangtze River Delta, in the national book circle, Zhao Yanjun is favored by the lucky one, his fame is undoubtedly grateful to The Times, the reform and opening up in the 1980s spawned the revival of calligraphy, the birth of calligraphy association, the birth of exhibition hall culture, also emerged a number of outstanding young and middle-aged calligraphers like Zhao Yanjun.I remember that in the early years, some media launched the top ten calligraphers of the 1960s, among which zhao Yanjun’s name was not included.So I felt indignant about this, so I began to write a manuscript, aiming to introduce the most representative and influential calligrapher of the 1960s in my mind. However, due to inertia, the article was just started and then put aside, and after a long time, I had no intention to take it seriously.As an outstanding association manager xinchang -1- Zhang Bi “Female Crown Son” 363cm×80cm 2020 Year after year, the scene is updated.One after another, rich and colorful brand activities from time to time to see the style of Zhao Yanjun, feel his courage and wisdom.There is no doubt that in the 21st century, Zhejiang has become a leading goose in the world of books after Henan, which set off the mohai tide in 1980s and 1990s.In a sense, Zhejiang calligraphy in The qiantang tide set off by Zhu Guantian, Bao Xianlun, Zhao Yanjun successive presidium, more impact of sustainable development, this sustainable development from the historical accumulation of Zhejiang calligraphy through the ages, cultural confidence, open concept and inclusive feelings.And the impact is both vigorous and calm.And therefore gives zhejiang calligraphy more rational color, make public individual character and not go to extremes, encouraging innovation and diversity and package, pay more attention to promote creation grounding education tradition, strengthening academic lead, the zhejiang province shuxie “quad” (heavy educated, heavy character, foundation, personality) lead zhejiang calligraphy in inheriting classic, open up new territory in the steady development.Thus, we meet zhao Yanjun, a lively and intelligent calligraphy leader in Zhejiang province.In 2019 as an award-winning calligrapher shengzhou -3- Liu Yanshi “Right Army Ink Pool” 246cm×124cm 2020 actually,People first know Zhao Yanjun and book circle accept Zhao Yanjun because of the national calligraphy and seal cutting works exhibition and the national youth calligraphy and seal cutting works exhibition.As early as 1988 in the fourth National Calligraphy and seal Cutting Works Exhibition, The Chinese Calligraphy association for the first time to implement the award, Shanyin Zhao Yanjun in the fierce competition of tens of thousands of people, won the bronze prize.After that, in the fourth, fifth and sixth national youth calligraphy and seal cutting works exhibition won the first prize, can be said to be no. 1, unlimited scenery.It should be known that the national youth calligraphy and seal cutting exhibition has always been aimed at encouraging bold exploration and advocating individual creation. The award-winning calligrapher launched have solid traditional skills and a strong sense of exploration, and have unique attains and opinions in the pursuit of the spirit of The Times and individual styles.And can like Zhao Yanjun consecutive 3 times to win the crown, a full 6 years in the period of time always maintain in the peak state, it is commendable, enviable!Zhao Yanjun’s brilliance shows that his ability to penetrate into classics and root in tradition has been recognized, but also shows his strong sense of exploration and efforts to attract the attention of the literary circle.In 2019, to truly understand a calligrapher, we must shed the halo of awards and see her as she really is.In fact, in Zhao Yanjun’s eyes, there is more important than the prize, that is the artist’s independent personality and feelings.There is no doubt that Zhao Yanjun is the “award-winning professional” who stands out in the contemporary “calligraphy fever”, which shows that the development of contemporary calligraphy plays a positive role in discovering and promoting calligraphy talents, and the rapid development of contemporary calligraphy also gives birth to exhibition hall culture.Under this kind of calligraphy ecology, many calligraphers, especially the vast number of young and middle-aged people, are keen on contributing to the exhibition and unilaterally pursue the exhibition hall effect, while neglecting to improve the inner comprehensive cultivation from the root. As a result, the exhibition body which focuses on form, technique and remaking makes a noise for a while.Zhao Yanjun’s wisdom is now that he can always keep calm thinking, go his own way firmly or even willfully, and strive to form his own style while winning awards and even being sought after by the world of books.Although after winning the prize for a long time, Zhao Yanjun did not like most of the calligrapher keen to hold exhibitions everywhere, and use a variety of media publicity package himself, but chose to sink into the deep, choose to think, choose to accumulate gradually.He has been immersed for more than 20 years, and after 20 years of accumulation and thinking, people finally see his magnificent transformation into an artist with unique personality and thinking.As a writer with independent personality and thinking, Liu Yuxi’s “Sending Cao Qu Back to The Old Hidden Poems in The Middle of Yue” 137cm×70cm 2020 Both Landscape Goose Trace in 2019 and Poem Path Goose Trace in 2021 can be regarded as the heart course of Zhao Yanjun, a writer with independent thinking.Thick two volumes of calligraphy collection, between the lines condenses his meditation on the contemporary “calligraphy fever” of 40 years, write what?How to write?How to create the masterpiece of the calligrapher and the masterpiece of the contemporary calligrapher?Zhao Yanjun with volcanic eruptions huge passion, with thick accumulation of fallow for 20 years, with the average man can hardly imagine the landscape goose trace of 12 chapters, “the poem LuYan mark” eight chapters, around 715 work closely and strongly expressed a kind of feelings: inheriting classic, describe era, superego, pioneering new land.This is his outstanding contribution to contemporary calligraphy, which is reflected in the following two points:Zhejiang’s mountains and rivers, history and humanity nourished Zhao Yanjun, and his calligraphy, career and life were filled with spirituality.Zhao Yanjun, who is full of spirituality, considered the return. He eulogized the mountains, rivers and trees of his hometown with the same passion as poetry and the same feelings as landscape, showing the beauty of zhejiang landscape and humanity, so as to give calligraphy art with fresh vitality.In his calligraphy world, whether it is the cursive script that gallops thousands of miles, or the graceful and colorful and exquisite regular script, or the running script of big and small pearls falling on jade plate, Zhao Yanjun’s calligraphy is endowed with soul because of the place and rhythm.Yan Ji sonorous and powerful, yan Ji down-to-earth.It reveals that the innovation of calligraphy is not just a change of form and artifice.”Landscape Goose Trace” and “Poem Road Goose Trace” are a successful path from traditional calligraphy to contemporary times, which responds to the proposition of The Times where calligraphy creation comes from and where it is going.2- Qi Bai “Send to the Lonely Scholar”, Liu Changqing “To the Mistress of Micro” 98cm×50cm 2020 Second, to respond to the call of history.In contemporary, the production of calligraphy masterpieces is not empty talk.In history, all accomplished calligraphers have created classic masterpieces, from The Preface to the Orchid Pavilion to the Contributions to the Nephew and huangzhou Cold Food Post…Too many to list.All the aspiring calligraphers in the past are pursuing their masterpiece or proud work.In the seemingly prosperous development pattern of contemporary calligraphy, it is common to see similar faces and styles of calligraphy, even in the same exhibition or different exhibitions.There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the fundamental reason is the writer’s utilitarian heart.Because cater to the judges, cater to the award-winning works, usually in the review will receive magic effect, so many quite basic, quite talented calligrapher and enthusiasts have become the followers of the exhibition.On the surface, such works have perfect skills and eye-catching forms, and can even win the judges’ temporary preference. However, from a deeper perspective, the most fatal thing of such works is that there is no unique aesthetic, unique personality and independent thought, so it lacks strong vitality after all.On the contrary, Zhao Yanjun took a different creative path.He said, “Art should be with The Times. The essence of art lies in that artists should not only explore all the strange peaks, but also keep their pursuit of independence.Artists are also required to conform to the nature of The Times and seek commonality in the race of ten thousand horses.This kind of creative ecology, which is compatible with individuality and generality, is the avenue of artistic creation.”From “Landscape goose Trace” to “Poem Road Goose Trace”, Zhao Yanjun is committed to exploring the humanistic path of contemporary calligraphy.Here, calligraphy creation has not only stayed in the brush and ink skills, stay in the form level.Artists pay more attention to the intercommunication between history and contemporary times, classics and personality, literature and poetry and calligrapher sentiment, artists’ personal emotion and heaven and earth, nature, social history.As the saying goes, “The cold waves back to the sea are still quiet, and the post road through the forest is broken and restored.”Reading Zhao Yanjun’s calligraphy, we can see a confident and wise writer in his ups and downs.But to really understand Zhao Yanjun, we have to pay attention to his trio.Original title: Chinese Calligraphy Journal by Wang Weilin: Zhao Yanjun’s Trio.Editor Jin Tao-fan)