“2022.2.4” Sauce never stops: Gossip you didn’t know

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We want a win-win situation. This is a weird public account called The First Material. Chen Tried to sell products live, but Chen Xiao didn’t agree, saying that this would not only consume The value of The performers, but also cheat The fans.Yue Yunpeng is in great contrast to his private life. On The screen, he is laughing and dancing, but as soon as The camera is turned off, he stops talking and plays with his cell phone alone.Work also is an assistant to The docking Fourth Jackson material on hand that took a “three words” slowly, Jackson put off a lot for this trip The Fifth recorded material prior to uproot shayna variety is almost don’t watch playscript with stage directions, because she felt themselves play better, she is now in The new owner, The new owners let she must follow a playscript with stage directions walk,Guess what: The collapse of The house in The past two years was serious, many people thought he would quit The circle, but this circle, as long as The thick-skinned enough, The company does not give up, he did not break The law, The possibility of quitting The circle is almost zero.When Yi Shuang brush short video to see a very beautiful girl, very active snatched the sent messages in the past, but because of fear of being exposed on the Internet, so he reason is justified, that his next to do birthday party, company want to find a few beautiful girls act as fans, I think you is very suitable, have a beautiful sister, you can shout together, there will be paid;Birthday party when easy to feel the presence of three girls are very beautiful, especially his initiative about that one, completely long in his aesthetic point;So easy cool is very active chat with that network red younger sister, but also about them to play games together offline;Later go back after easy cool discuss with present other a few teammates present girl which beautiful, have a teammate say to feel easy cool that look at wrong, she call what name, do you want to search have black material?Easy to really search, the results found that this beautiful network red younger sister, in fact, before a boy, did surgery to become a girl……Easy cool a little can’t believe it, just tried to ask each other, net red sister immediately admitted this matter;At this time have to maintain grace, otherwise don’t end up with a discrimination of the handle, easy to cool only hard scalp kua net red younger sister has the courage to do their own, and then never about the other party entertainment explosion elder sister