Mindfulness Training section 1 8×8 (Year 1) 220208

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■ Click “cold window empty guard/lonely cold window empty guard”, you can enjoy one-to-one communication services, and provide new exercises, methods to improve the comprehensive quality and ability of students of all grades.Join and reply to “Mindfulness Training section 1”, you can get mindfulness training section 1 (7 training documents) from kindergarten to grade 2.And provide other customized practice services.The hardest part for parents is helping their children with homework.Is the so-called peacetime mother tzu filial piety, learning when the chicken fly dog jump.Students’ ability to concentrate must start at an early age. Studies show that children should be able to concentrate for nine minutes at the age of three, and 35 minutes, or one lesson, by the time they start reading at the age of six.We don’t look at the baby, see yourself, can achieve this concentration time.In other words, everyone needs to improve their concentration.All parents know that you can’t concentrate in class and you can’t concentrate on your homework after class.Parents have to spend a lot of time tutoring after school, which is not effective.How to improve the quality of class and homework, first improve concentration training.Mindfulness is trained, and most can be trained to a higher level.If you lack concentration, you may not last 40 minutes in a class.Mindfulness training can greatly improve the concentration of children, adolescents, and even adults.Through mindfulness training, we can improve our memory ability and memory depth, and improve the effect of work, study and homework.This series provides exercises that are effective in getting the trainer to focus on one thing over the course of 100 days or so.You can effectively improve your concentration level.Matrix mindfulness training is the simplest and most effective mindfulness training.Just spend a little time each day and do a page of exercises to make a difference.The method is to start from 1, 2, 3…Begin wiring until the entire matrix is complete.I hope every student and friend can start their own journey of mindfulness.Start simple, start from the heart.Only subscribe, never miss out again.Only like, give motivation.Only reply, have a goal.Your needs are what I’m working on.The author “lonely cold window empty guarding” poem: lonely cold window, empty guarding peace.Focus on the classics and find a new way.King Kong wisdom, forge ahead.To cast out bricks to attract jade is to make progress.Date: 220208