Until February June 17, chongqing highway network these sections of congestion

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On February 6, chongqing expressway network is facing the return passenger flow peak, upstream news reporter learn, at present, G75 lanhai expressway descending into the city direction of the Cao Jie overpass to dongyang overpass section, G65 Baomao expressway descending chongqing-Xiang overpass direction around the city to nanpeng and many other sections of the road congestion.As of 17 o ‘clock in February, June, Chongqing expressway network congestion sections are: S39 Yuchang double line down to the city direction of Wubao to stone Temple interchange;S80 chongqing Third Ring Road high-speed downlink Hechuan to Changshou direction tianding interchange to Xingmu interchange;G85 yinkun Expressway chengdu-Chongqing section upstream into the city direction of Dingjia interconnect with Bishan South interconnect;G5021 Shiyu Expressway downstream fuling section into town, west Fuling to Xinmiao interchange;G75 lanhai expressway Yuhe section descending town direction Caojie Overpass to Dongyang overpass section;G65 baomao Expressway, Chongqing-Xiang section descending exit direction around the city, Chongqing-Xiang Interchange to Nanpeng;G85 yin-Kun expressway Chongqing-Guang Section Sanhui, Shuanghuai, Xianglong toll entrance traffic control;G5013 chongqing rong expressway upstream into town direction Dazu East to Weilong.In the six days since the Spring Festival holiday, the average daily traffic flow on the road network has reached 1.751 million, up 13.76% compared with the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival travel rush.The average daily traffic volume was 442,000 cars, up 53.33% compared with the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival travel rush.Today’s peak return journey will last until around 10 PM, with the number of vehicles expected to exceed 2 million.Starting from February 7, the traffic flow will fall rapidly, and the return traffic flow will stabilize.Chongqing Expressway Group reminds: drivers and passengers can call chongqing Expressway 023-12122 service hotline for help if they have travel problems.Upstream news reporter Li Jing statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com