Six days and six nights of lockdown: there is always a warmth that touches people

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu Yidian reporter Yu Bosheng “Unsealed!We carried it through.”The first thing Dong Wei did after he came out of Jinan Railway Yuhan community was to go for a walk around the lake. The old friends he used to walk with were still waiting for him. Behind him, the community residents were singing “My Country and I”…After the outbreak of the local epidemic, Yuhan Railway community immediately entered the lockdown control state. From the epidemic prevention workers to the community residents, everyone encouraged each other for six days and six nights until the lockdown was lifted.”My child is locked in the house and can’t get out!”On the afternoon of June 26, Ms. Zhao of Yuhan District 1 of the railway hurriedly found zhang Jing (pseudonym), an epidemic prevention worker who was in charge of her floor, for help.Originally, Ms. Zhao went downstairs to get something in the afternoon, her newborn baby was asleep at home, she locked the door, because of the time to go out in a hurry, came back to find the key forgot to take.After learning what happened, Zhang Jing immediately reported to the community, and took people to Ms. Zhang downstairs, because of the lockdown control provisions, the unlocking personnel can not enter the community to open the door, the baby is too young, can not delay too much time, Zhang Jing decided to climb up the window to enter.”Fortunately, her family lives on the second floor, otherwise there would be trouble.”Zhang Jing found that there was a relatively large rain cover on the window of the resident directly opposite Ms. Zhao’s downstairs, so she could climb to the window on the second floor with it.With the cooperation of the surrounding staff, Zhang Jing stepped on the square stool to climb on the rain, step by step up close.”It’s very thin, and it squeaks when you step on it.”When he stepped on it, Zhang Jing felt the rain under his feet vibrating, but time was tight and he did not care much about personal safety.As the window was closed, Zhang jing had to remove it to enter the house. It didn’t take long before he removed the window.However, there is also a range hood inside the window, Zhang Jing can not enter, looking at the passage of time, Zhang Jing gnashed his teeth, continue to open……Zhang Jing finally successfully entered Ms. Zhao’s home, opened the door, at this time, the baby is still asleep, from Ms. Zhao to finally open the door, only 15 minutes.Community epidemic prevention workers’ efforts have been highly recognized by residents, which is also the most heart-warming thing for the staff.”Since the lockdown began, people have been sending us things.”Liu Yang, also an epidemic prevention worker, smiled as he looked at the table full of milk tea.From milk tea at the beginning to dumplings at the end, residents showed their support and gratitude to the epidemic prevention workers by giving back little by little.The volunteers as placate old people who live alone Community east gate opened at that moment, the 62 – year – old volunteer ChiNing breathed a sigh of relief, nervous for a long time, finally can sign up for peace, well when he left, she took one look back “fought” village, this paragraph of time is the site story in her head.23, the railway jade letter began to seal control isolation, after getting the news, Chi Ning was very anxious, “the end of the year, the epidemic has come.”She didn’t have any friends or family in quarantine, but she wanted to be there to help.”I have experience in epidemic prevention and control, and I can continue to contribute.”To sign up for volunteer epidemic prevention, Chi Ning very firmly told the staff.Chi Ning is a warm-hearted person who often appears in various volunteer activities. When the epidemic first broke out, she served as a volunteer for epidemic prevention. “DURING the epidemic, I stayed at the volunteer post for 122 days.”Because of an experience, Chi Ning thinks he can play some role in the railway Yuhan community.At five o ‘clock in the morning on the 24th, the window is still dark, Chi Ning got up early, after washing, took protective equipment, left the house, she needs to reach the railway yuhan district before seven, all the way, she is looking forward to the early dissipation of the epidemic.After seven o ‘clock, the work began, household help, organization testing, send food to send rice……This is the working rhythm of volunteers for epidemic prevention. Chi Ning is responsible for the prevention and control organization and guidance of 4 units in building 2, Area 5. A large speaker and a small vest are her work equipment.”One unit is six storeys, four units are 24 storeys, and it takes a lot of patience.”The most let chining care is no. 2 building of an old man alone, the old man’s biggest hobby every day is to listen to the program through the mobile phone, during the lockdown, his mobile phone suddenly no sound, this can be anxious bad old man.After Chi Ning knew, not only pacified his emotions, but also patiently taught him how to use a mobile phone.”During the lockdown period, elderly people living alone feel insecure, and even small things sometimes make them anxious.”Volunteers have played a great role in the epidemic prevention, cooperating with community members to complete nucleic acid tests, helping people at home and caring for the elderly and children. Their efforts have also made the residents in the quarantined areas feel warm.At noon on January 28, in the railway Yuhan community square, the staff of Ginza are cleaning up the abandoned items in the temporary tent. After the community lockdown, in order to ensure the normal life of the community, a “miniature” vegetable market appeared here.Food is Paramount to the people, the security of materials during the lockdown is the top priority. Jinan coordinated the 14 convenience stores around the store in advance, coordinated the Ginza Outlets Qishan store supermarket, and carried out “point-to-point” distribution of materials to the community.The distribution and sales are handled by seven ginza workers who live in the gated community.Wang Bing (pseudonym) is one of the seven staff members. She starts to count supplies and distribute them early every morning. Although her work is different from that of a volunteer, Wang bing also feels that she is serving the community in “fighting the epidemic”.”My legs and hands are sore at the end of the day.”It was hard, but she kept going.On the morning of 28th, when residents gathered to celebrate the lifting of lockdown, Wang Bing was on the side of the square, head down to clean up the debris in the tent…After the closure of the railway Yuhan community, Jinan to ensure the supply of supplies.On the afternoon of January 25th, three super yixing food trucks and three vans loaded with love, carrying flour and fresh vegetables worth 120,000 yuan with a total weight of 38,700 jin, drove into yuhan community of railway to send warmth to the residents of the community. In the afternoon, flour and vegetables of love were distributed.In addition to outside help, the community has bonded.He Meiling, a 72-year-old woman, went to a community service center on the third day of lockdown and handed five 100-yuan bills into the hands of a staff member. “There’s nothing I can do,” she said. “This is my donation to the community.”Hearing this, the staff understood the meaning of the old man, immediately said that he could not accept and return the old man, he Meiling saw the community refused to accept, he said that this was his “special party fee”, let the community be sure to accept.”There are no bystanders in the fight against the epidemic. What our staff are doing is our duty. We are especially grateful for the efforts of our volunteers and the support and cooperation of the community residents.”Zhang Chunhong, secretary of jinan Railway Yuhan Community Comprehensive Party Committee, said that during the containment period, volunteers did not fear hardship, fatigue or danger, and worked together with staff to fight the epidemic.Community residents have been very understanding, supportive and cooperative with community control. Some residents have sent masks, milk and other items to the staff, as well as caring words sent by phone and wechat, which reflects the spirit of sharing weal and weal and helping each other.