Henan: the girl door close long queue, some people return the girl long what all didn’t see

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Once a year to the blind season, this time who want to have a girl, the threshold to tread rotten.The guys are wearing designer clothes, driving fancy cars, wearing shiny hair, and the success rate will be better if the packaging is better.Henan Zhoukou, a girl in front of a long queue, all men, do not know that they thought it was a strong man, in fact, these are to blind date.They were full of spirit, talking and laughing, and seemed to have a plan.A young man came back from Beijing to his hometown for a blind date, months of preparation, this time in a newly bought Maserati.I was scared by what I saw. What was that for?Why do I have to wait in line for a blind date?At the big audition?But in front of too many people, the young man can only row in the back.Every now and then someone came out of the house, and immediately someone went to inquire about the girl, who was told she was pretty white.Three hours later, it was the young man’s turn to take the stage. The young man was still confident of himself. In terms of conditions, appearance and temperament, he was as good as anyone.However, at this time a cold water poured mercilessly on the young man’s head, inside the person said that the girl was tired, today no willingness to date, but the young man had to leave sad, even the girl did not see what looked like, lamenting today’s blind date is a lonely.Netizens were also outraged in the comments section, saying that this kind of blind date is too unreliable.Netizen: I really despise these people waiting in line for a blind date. When I went on a blind date, there were two men in front of me. The matchmaker asked me to wait and I drove away.Net friend: how feel like interview, one come out next go in, in the queue outside still quite nervous, chat with the companion all ask what, after the end notice result.Another female netizen said: “There are a lot of girls like this, feel it is very glorious, I also saw one more blind date in a year, the neighbor girl saw dozens of a day is not exaggerating, a day to see so many objects, it is not good to hear.Some netizens even said: we should set up an arena to throw hydrangea ball, or hold a martial arts blind date, to the civil and military versatile.Xiaobian thinks that this kind of blind date completely deviates from the essence and significance of blind date, and becomes a kind of commodity selection.As a man is not necessary, it is better to let yourself become better, the good will find you.