Echeng for the first time “established system” selected cadres stationed at the point of investment, 11 “advance troops” with armour

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Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Raoli) February 26, the author from The Ezhou City of Echeng district held cadres to go out to the point of investment mobilization will be informed that 11 out of the point of investment promotion cadres will be divided into three groups, divided into two batches to “Yangtze River Delta” “Pearl River Delta” and Wuhan, Beijing and other regional points of investment.It is reported that 11 people, mainly young and middle-aged cadres, both vanguard troops and follow-up support troops, are stationed in Hubei District to attract investment. This is the first time in the history of Hubei District that cadres selected by the “established system” are stationed in Hubei District to attract investment.Dong Guoping, secretary of the CPC Committee of Echeng District, said that echeng, as the core circle of the integrated development of Wuhan city circle and the administrative area where Huahu Airport is located as a major national productive force, needs strong and high-quality project support to transform its comparative advantage into a winning trend of development and inject core power for echeng to “change the road and surpass”.”Attracting investment is the ‘no. 1 project’ of E Cheng District Committee and district government, which is a touchstone to test the ability of cadres and a training ground to temper the style of cadres.”Dong Guoping said that investment promotion cadres should constantly improve the ability of investment promotion, truly become a professional team that knows investment promotion, knows investment promotion and knows investment promotion, and comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of investment promotion in Hubei District.Guo-ping dong requirements, cadre of merchants to make friends, to merchants sincere, emotional quotient, heart to stay, and suppliers, and leave with courtesy, focus on hubei city industry layout, with high-end intelligent manufacturing, optoelectronic information, new energy, new materials, biological medicine, airport industry and brigade kang, modern logistics, trade and business services, modern agriculture and so on nine big industry is the key industry to China merchants,Carrying out targeted investment promotion.Dong Guoping encouraged that he hoped everyone would dare to work hard, rise to the challenge, quickly open the situation, bear fruit as soon as possible, successfully complete the task of attracting investment at the station, leave with ambition and return with ambition, and make due contributions to the construction of a modern and beautiful Echeng with strong economy, beautiful ecology, rich people and prosperous civilization.The E Cheng District has also made it clear that after the end of the investment promotion work, the Organization Department of the District Party Committee and the District Investment promotion and Investment Promotion Center will carefully inspect the investment promotion cadres at the station, make a comprehensive work summary and appraisal, and store them in their files as an important basis for their evaluation, promotion, selection and use.