Network security protection is not a joke, violations of laws and regulations will be investigated

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According to the Ministry of Public Security “net net” special operation deployment suzhou department of public security may be fully engaged in network security law enforcement examination in 2021 to crack down on all kinds of network security violations urged network operators to implement network security protection obligations strictly implement network security responsibility 1 as a hospital medical industry informatization rapid development of science and technology,”Internet plus Medical care” is well known and accepted by the public.Information means bring medical convenience to the people, but also bring a lot of network security risks.The medical industry information system collects and stores a large number of patients’ personal information, and mobile apps also collect users’ personal information. Once the network security management system and system security loopholes exist, citizens’ personal information security will be seriously threatened.In May 2021, in a hospital in suzhou high-tech zone suzhou city public security bureau bureau inspection found that the hospital did not develop standards and management system, internal network security is not in accordance with the requirements to prevent computer viruses and harmful behavior of the network security technology measures, its business system exists serious network security hidden danger, has led to some civil information was leaked.At the same time, the APP operated by the hospital has some problems, such as incomplete user privacy agreement, obtaining user rights beyond the scope, and not opening the way to cancel user accounts.For failing to fulfill the obligation of network security protection, the public security organ shall impose a fine on the hospital and the person directly responsible according to the provisions of Article 21 and Paragraph 1 of Article 59 of the Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China.For failing to fulfill the obligation of personal information protection, the public security organ gave the hospital a warning and ordered it to correct in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of Article 22, the second paragraph of Article 41 and the first paragraph of Article 64 of the Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China.2 face recognition of a real estate company is rapidly applied to all aspects of society. More and more APPS and network applications use face recognition technology to authenticate users’ identities.While bringing convenience, the personal information protection problem brought by face recognition technology is also increasingly prominent.Some real estate companies use camera equipment to collect customers’ face information without their consent, which seriously infringes on citizens’ personal information rights and interests.In July 2021, the Public security Bureau of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province received reports from the public that the sales center of a real estate company in Zhangjiagang City illegally collected face information.The public security organs conducted Internet security supervision and inspection of the real estate company’s sales center, focusing on the inspection of cameras and related information systems.The inspection found that the sales center installed camera equipment has the function of recognizing and collecting face information, face information stored in the relevant information system, by the sales staff to improve the customer’s personal information.The sales center in the collection of customer face information, not in accordance with the provisions of the law to obtain the express consent of the collection, is a violation of the right to personal information protection according to law.According to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 41 and The first paragraph of Article 64 of the Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China, the public security organ shall make an administrative penalty of order correction and punishment warning to the real estate company, and impose a fine on the direct person in charge of the unit.In today’s rapid development network network operators should actively fulfill their obligation to network security protection and citizens’ personal information protection obligations to accept social supervision should assume liability for contributions to create a clear network space image | | jiangsu Internet police network capture material