The imbalance in the Fifth Personality makes it hard for the two sides to enjoy the game

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Xiaobian feel jack and spider to maintain the winning rate, yellow Joseph crazy eyes black and white factory director to provide entertainment, the clown is not outstanding.And indeed, if the infinite Saw and the first flash hadn’t killed someone in the first place, the game would have been ruined.It’s not just me. I’ve talked to a lot of joker players before and it’s generally accepted.Tentacle positioning function I began to use, but inexplicable feeling many people know.There are two grayscale tests, which are short-term and small-scale tests before the service is opened.A few laps around the map is familiar, plus the usual dozen there is no need to deliberately remember.Of course, there are certain characters that need to be memorized.In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you remember or not. Please remember clearly that you can really make yourself more bovine.It’s not a big deal if you don’t.Camp unbalanced both sides also feel the fun of game competition very hard.Save is to jam his half blood to save, less than half blood on the next chair can sit for a while.More than half blood on the chair directly die, this half blood refers to the time after the chair half.Just playing I think did not set up a map planning did not consider for the player, now think about the sprout new will not walk the ghost to the map is useless, will walk the ghost have no map are the same, just give a gate position.The chair sign in the upper right corner has a line down the middle.If the first time you get on the chair and you cross that line, the second time you get on the chair, you just fly.The fifth personality mechanism is more, this is a very conventional one.Really think, like press, game, save this kind of thing, must have a tutorial.I have a teammate is to save people directly pull, was almost 100% of the shock rate. There are some hidden wit, such as tentacles to find people, playing cards to find these, really do not know NetEase is not straight is what meaning.My deepest impression is that I a small priest after the door opened in the hospital stairs that slip ghost, slip to the last left a manhole cover, ghost can not go down, stand still let me go.Only after the third stage can you understand what this game is doing. The first stage will not lose points, but only add points. It is easy to upgrade the second stage.