National sedan evolution new Lang Yi “double front face” official figure first

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, SAIC Volkswagen new Langyi official plan officially released, although it is a mid-term model, but the new car in the appearance and interior are not small changes, more sports technology style.New Lavida continues the excellent gene of lavida family, adopts the “double front face” design style, brings a new star front face modeling, while meeting the needs of the era backbone, actively embrace the diversified consumer demand.On the appearance, the new front face of the new Lang Yat Star version adopts a more radical and avant-garde design language, breaking the original horizontal chrome decoration, star diamond modeling elements are arranged in a parameterized way, presenting a visual effect of outward diffusion, full of vitality.The horizontal grating chrome trim is connected with the slender headlamp belt on both sides, running through the dense starry sky modeling, showing a strong sense of future science and technology.The lower grille has also been upgraded, hollow-out design and the face of the starry sky echo, very sporty.New Lavida inherits the atmosphere and calm tone of the lavida family while being more delicate and dynamic.Compared to cash, the iconic horizontal intake grille has once again evolved and increased, making it more visually imposing.The upper air intake grille is ingeniously integrated with the headlights on both sides, and the transverse expansion tension is further strengthened.The sharp silhouette of the headlights creates a more youthful look.When the LED bright eyes streamer headlights lit up, sharp eyes particularly eye-catching.The side shape of the body continues the modern and atmospheric style of Langyi. The slender waist line runs through the front and back, and the side is full of three-dimensional sense and sense of strength.For the two front faces, with different hub modeling, highlight different personality, further highlight the car extraordinary temperament.New Lang Yi tail design tension is full, rich sense of hierarchy.The new smoked black LED three-dimensional taillight, slender and sharp outline of the internal structure is scattered, forming a response to the headlamp.The sky version is also equipped with black sayonara dynamic rear wing, which is perfectly matched with cool black rearview mirror and high black light texture roof, outlining the beautiful movement lines of new Langyi.In interior design, new Lavida will be calm, atmospheric style naturally transition to the interior space, perfect detail processing and high-quality material collocation to create a more young and modern interior atmosphere.Horizontal two-color panels run through the instrument panel, visually dividing the central console into upper and lower parts, highlighting the sense of interior layers while creating a spacious stretch of driving space.It is worth mentioning that the central control screen is changed from the original embedded to the latest suspension design of the Volkswagen brand, which greatly improves the sense of cockpit technology.New family steering wheel, air conditioning air outlet, instrument panel, door panel and other places, are decorated with dazzling silver texture chrome plating, details show exquisite quality.In addition, the interior design also integrates Morandi color system and Traditional Chinese color system, providing a variety of interior color schemes, creating a senior, comfortable interior atmosphere.Fog Grey interior features bright and fresh exquisite life proposition, using high-quality blue leather fabric with black soft outfit fabric, and the middle of the seat is matched with the grand rice cross grid, showing the breath of modern city youth and fashion.Cool black is a unique color scheme for sport models, using large areas of graphite black high-grade leather fabric, and in the air conditioning air outlet, seat stitching and armrest using red as an ornament, to create a modern and dynamic driving space.Since it was listed in China in 2008, Lavida has successfully launched several classic versions, which are favored by more than 5 million users.The “national sedan” comes fresh, inheriting the family calm, atmospheric genes at the same time, but also brought more sports, fashion elements.It is reported that the new car is expected to hit the market at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, which will meet the diverse needs of more young consumers.