On the 11th day of the first lunar month, “Son-in-law Day”, one worship, two eat and three do, symbolizing family harmony and happiness

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It is going to the 11th day of the first lunar month, the ancients think that the “ten” in the “eleventh day of the first lunar month” means “complete and perfect, round and round”, plus a “one” means to start again, plus it is in the New Year and taboos quite a lot, so this day in the folk is also quite a “custom story” day.Actually on the eleventh day, folk call “son in law day”, namely the father-in-law inviting son-in-law day eating, folk think son-in-law daughter to prepare gift to issue this day happy New Year, and in the eleventh day even father-in-law told a daughter, son-in-law of return, it was the day of the feast with the ninth “day” and the 10th “, “the rest of the meal to treat his daughter son-in-law,One is to avoid waste, and the other is to show attention, although in modern eyes a little unacceptable.Of course, now after the eighth day of the first lunar month, almost all people start to go to work, this custom is afraid that few people can do, anyway, it is very interesting to know, then let’s continue to talk about “Son-in-law Day” this day some easy to do little customs, meaning family harmony, happiness.1 worship — worship old age is now the first month of the eleventh, if you need to pay New Year should say “worship old age”, that this worship early years, and worship old age how to distinguish?Very simple, the folk are generally in the twelfth lunar month before 30 to people “worship early years”, because there is no New Year at this time, and from the first day of the first month to the fifth day of the first month generally said “New Year” or “big New Year”, after the fifth day is “broken five”, a lot of Chinese New Year customs are lifted, also means that “Chinese New Year” into the end,So from the fifth day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the fifteenth family say “worship old age”, you know it!In the old tradition before eating the box, the son-in-law must be invited to dinner by his mother-in-law. This cake is very familiar to people in the north. It is a kind of pastry wrapped in a round or semicircular shape.The most classic is to use leek stuffing leek box, leek in early spring has the reputation of “spring first fresh”, special fresh and delicious, used to make leek box can be a must, best with some eggs or tofu, like you can also cut up a little vermicino put in, taste is also very good.Ask the son-in-law to have dinner on the leek box, meaning is also very beautiful, family reunion, family harmony, and leek also has a long long time of good meaning.Delicious and has a good meaning, why not!Some places have the custom of eating fish on this day, and pay attention to the whole fish, not fish segments or fish head. Eating fish in the New Year has a good meaning of more than every year, and eating fish near the end of the New Year is more suitable for the meaning of “more than”.At the same time, the head of the fish is also very exquisite, if it is a banquet, the head must be toward the family elders and guests, to show respect for people, when eating fish can not eat fish head, representing the annual surplus, the fish side is finished, also can not turn over the fish, folk think to turn over the fish to eat very unlucky.It is an old folk tradition to invite a son-in-law to dinner on the 11th day of the first lunar month, accompanied by the elder brother or younger brother of the mother’s family, and go out to meet him, to show the mother’s attention and respect to the son-in-law, but everyone is at work, these lively scenes may not be seen.There is an old saying among the people: “Eleven chirp, twelve build the light shed, thirteen turn on the light, fourteen lights are bright, fifteen lines and a half, sixteen people finish the light.” In the old days, around the 11th day of the first lunar month, the people have begun to prepare for the Lantern Festival, buy lanterns to buy lanterns, put up the light shed to put up the light shed.The eleventh day of the first lunar month is also “on the pick day”, belongs to the Lantern Festival before a small warm-up festival, there is a good meaning of spring na fu, in this day will also have grandmother to grandson and granddaughter or to the custom of sending lanterns to her husband’s house, there is the meaning of “send ding”, meaning early birth of your son, son, people prosperous good meaning.– Conclusion — The first day of the 11th “Son-in-law Day”, do not forget to meet acquaintances in old age, remember to make a leek box to eat, dinner also have a fish figure a good moral, this is some very interesting old tradition, even if it is not done, it is good to know.I am A hu, a little diner who likes studying and making delicious food. If you like today’s content, you can follow me. There are more wonderful content waiting for you tomorrow.