The difference between yearly average and monthly average

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1. The biggest difference between the annual average balance and the monthly average balance of deposit is that the annual average balance is obtained by dividing the total annual balance and the number of days in the year, while the monthly average balance is obtained by adding the balance stored in a specific period of time and then dividing with the corresponding number of days.The calculation methods of annual average balance and monthly average balance are similar. Users should pay attention to distinguish between them during calculation to avoid numerical calculation errors caused by confusion of concepts.1. For banks and other financial institutions: for banks and other financial institutions, the average daily deposit balance is a standard to test their deposit business flow.Generally speaking, the higher the daily average deposit balance, the greater the bank deposit business flow.On the contrary, the lower the daily average deposit balance is, the smaller the bank deposit business flow is.② For the account holder himself: For the account holder himself, the average daily deposit balance means the level of account business.Generally speaking, the lower the average daily deposit balance is, the lower the business level of the account is. When the average daily deposit balance is less than one yuan, the user needs to pay the management fee of small account to the bank.(1) the user must have a certain understanding of the business opened by different banks before the implementation of saving behavior, because the competition between banks is relatively large, different banks will set different interest, only in this way to maximize personal interests;(2) Users can not save money for the sake of convenience and put all the money together. The longer the time of capital storage, the higher the return, because the social economy is constantly changing, the bank will adjust the interest return according to the actual development situation;(3) The user should be flexible storage, divide all the funds into equal shares, and then store a copy in different time periods, so that there can be sufficient funds to deal with the risks that may occur in the future, and at the same time, it can obtain a relatively high income.