Chongming compiled the fifth round of three-year action plan for ecological island construction to polish the background of world-class ecological island

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Recently, Chongming Gangxi Town of Shanghai signed an agreement with Nantong Intercontinental Dream Island Tourism Development Co., LTD.The two sides will jointly build a unique “intercontinental interesting Island” and create a new green name card of Chongming in the “post-Flower Expo era”. In the future, you can enjoy exotic flowers and plants from all over the world without going out of Chongming Island.Chongming is speeding up its efforts to build a world-class ecological island.Recently, with a total investment of 27.45 billion yuan, major projects covering ecological environment, medical care, education, transportation, affordable housing and other fields have been launched in Chongming.The reporter learned that the Shanghai Municipal government recently issued the Outline of Chongming World-class Ecological Island Development Plan (2021-2035).Peng Chenlei, deputy mayor of Shanghai, said that the city would promote the construction of a world-class ecological island and build Chongming Island into a “Chinese model” of harmonious coexistence between adults and nature.Chongming is an irreplaceable future-oriented ecological strategic space in Shanghai.At present, chongming Island’s forest resources and tidal flat resources have greatly increased, the island’s ecological resources area accounts for about 30% of Shanghai, water conservation, biodiversity maintenance about 80% of the city.As an important international wetland and a necessary place for international migratory birds to migrate, Chongming has 11 species of waterbirds that account for more than 1% of the global population. The water, soil and air quality are the best in Shanghai.By the end of 2021, Shanghai had rolled out four three-year action plans for the construction of Chongming ecological island, organized 255 key projects, invested a total of 96 billion yuan, and arranged 51.4 billion yuan of subsidies from municipal finance.At present, the fifth three-year action plan is being prepared.Zhu Shiqing, deputy director of The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, told reporters that by the end of 2020, Chongming had fully completed the intensification of the water supply pattern of the whole island, with the water source water quality reaching 100%, urban sewage treatment rate reaching 92.3%, rural sewage treatment basically fully covered, household garbage sorting and collection fully covered.The proportion of excellent grade III surface water of national and municipal examination sections was 100%, the rate of excellent and good air quality was more than 90%, the quality of farmland soil was at the clean level, and the ecological environment quality maintained the best level of the city.Hua Yuan, director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said Shanghai will carry out multi-level cooperation with international, urban, government and enterprises to improve capital, land, talent and other factors.By 2035, Chongming is expected to become a national ecological civilization name card leading the country and influencing the world, a green development benchmark of the Yangtze River, and a model of people’s happy life.Source: Economic Daily Editor: Guo Wangyi Zhe