The first Philosophy of Confucianism: the lost secret learning of Confucius

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He rejected other schools of thought and respected Confucianism only.The Confucian way has been buried for thousands of years.Confucian culture, created by Confucius, is the mainstream of Chinese culture.It is widely believed that the Analects of Confucius represents his thoughts.It’s not.Because Confucius had two sets of knowledge, the first is the first philosophy, for highly gifted students, “sex and the Way of Heaven.”The second is physical science, which is aimed at less qualified students and focuses on ethics.In “The Analects of Confucius · Yongye”, Confucius unkindly expressed his educational concept: “The human above, can also language;You can’t talk to anyone below you.”In the Analects of Confucius, Gongye Chang, Zi Gong lamented: “Master’s writings are accessible and heard.The master’s words about nature and the way of heaven are not accessible but heard.”Therefore, there is no first philosophy in the Analects, which is of a lower level.Hegel felt very disappointed after reading Confucius’s book, he thought Confucius’s learning was too simple, he said: Confucius is good at pragmatism, but poor at thinking.Just a worldly wise man, not a philosopher.Schopenhauer believed that Confucius’s learning was “a broad platitudes, mainly political and ethical philosophy, without metaphysics to support it, and in some places extremely empty and boring”.Foreigners’ misunderstanding of Confucius stems from our own forgetfulness of Confucius’ first philosophy.Confucius’ first philosophy was “Nature and the Way of Heaven”. When he realized that neither his students nor his only son had enough talent to understand the first philosophy, Confucius had no choice but to pass on this knowledge to his grandson, Zisi. Thus he left the First Confucian philosophy, The Great Learning and the Doctrine of the Mean.However, Chinese scholars and ordinary people have fundamentally misunderstood Confucius’ doctrine of the mean since ancient times.First of all, the golden mean is the first way of philosophy, not anyone can casually grasp.The Master said, “All states under heaven may be equal; rank and fortune may be excused; white sword may be wielded; moderation is impossible.”This sentence clearly tells us that the greatest man in the world can not be compared with those who master the golden mean, even if one can abandon the virtuous man of fame and fortune to make way for the sage of the state and the brave man of life and death.While it is generally accepted that the golden mean of first philosophy is “the philosophy of mud” and “the technique of good old men”.This is the biggest sorrow of Chinese cultural circle!Chinese culture was originally a dragon, but it was changed into a flea by later scholars.The root is here!The ability of scholars to understand Chinese through the ages is incredible.Confucius stated that the doctrine of the mean is the greatest: “The doctrine of the mean is the supreme!”But he found that people had long ago failed to understand it: “People are rare for a long time!”.In the past 2500 years, the doctrine of the mean has become more and more extinct, even among Chinese people, let alone Hegel and Schopenhauer!This is the greatest ignorance of the core concept of Chinese culture.Confucius said, “I have always followed the path.”This “one” is a mathematical description of the first philosophical noumenon.It represents the first cause of philosophy and the uniqueness and absoluteness of the universal noumenon.Sigebamenides describes this in the same way, saying: “What exists exists..For it is all in the present, a continuous one.”Here’s an interesting piece of koan.According to the Analects of Confucius, one day Confucius said in class: “Zeng Shen ah!My doctrine can be held together by one fundamental principle.”Zeng Shen replied, “Yes.”When Confucius went out, the other students asked, “What does this mean?”Zeng Shen said, “The master’s doctrine is nothing but loyalty and forgiveness.”The Master said, “Join me!I’ve always been there.& # 39;& # 39;Zeng Zi said, “Only.& # 39;The child.The gatekeeper asked, “What is also?”Zeng Zi said, “The master’s way is nothing more than loyalty and forgiveness.”Zeng Shen is to understand the first philosophy of Confucius, but other students do not know, the two of them in the classroom riddles, as if nianhua smiling koan.Of course, students want to know what is the top secret of learning?But did not dare to ask Confucius teacher, so after class surrounded senior Ceng Shen, what is also?Zeng Shen also knew that he could not impart the most profound knowledge to ordinary people, so he had no other way but to put off his students with the faithful way of physiography.Because with a little logical ability, we can find that the way of loyalty and forgiveness is impossible to penetrate the way of heaven, and the physical science of morality and ethics cannot override the metaphysical first philosophy.This is basic philosophy.Confucius called the first philosophical noumenon “heaven”, “The way of Heaven” and “one”.The first paragraph of the Doctrine of the Mean: “Nature is ordained by heaven; nature is tao; cultivation of tao is teaching.”The first paragraph of University: “The way of university lies in Mingde.”Confucius: “Virtue comes from nature.”The “heaven” in these two places is the first philosophical ontology of Confucius.The style of the Doctrine of the Mean resembles the character of Confucius. It comes straight to the point and is upright and upright. The first paragraph is to make the finishing touch, bluntly stating the core concepts of the first philosophy.Heaven is the body and totality of the universe, a super complex system with enormous energy and endless movement.It is the noumenon, tao and the first philosophical category.Mingde is the Tao.Great scholars, learning for adults.The Lord, the holy man and the king.Man is the son of the universe, and the things born by heaven and earth are an inseparable part of the universe system. Huangdi Neijing believes that heaven and man are inherently one: “Man is born by the breath of heaven and earth, and is formed by the law of the four seasons.”Since man and nature are one, the cosmic system must have a huge inertial influence or dominant power on individual units. This is the intervention of the cosmic system on human beings, which Confucius called “the mandate of heaven”.Destiny is hard to disobey, but destiny is harder to know!With Confucius’ talent, knowledge and rich life experience, he did not know the destiny of heaven until he was 50.By the age of 70, you can adapt to the power of the larger system and do what you want without breaking the rules.Sex is also a human motivation system, hidden deep in the unconscious of the human body, although not known, but has great control over individual human beings.Western famous saying: “a great man knows his greatness before anyone else.”Every man is gifted, and every great man has a mission.Everyone is unique, everyone has their own way, along their own road, do not envy others, will not play the role of others, do not play others, will not lose themselves, do not lose themselves, will not be others.This is “spontaneous is tao”.Human cognition is limited, the complexity of the world is infinite, it is normal to make mistakes.However, it is necessary to seek truth from facts. Admitting mistakes and not changing them is an act of treason, which goes against the truth and objectivity and resists the power of cosmic evolution.So the definition of education suddenly emerged.Confucius said, “Cultivating Taoism is teaching.”That is, to correct one’s wrong way of life is what education is all about.This includes knowing yourself, being yourself, and being yourself.The hardest part of all is knowing yourself!And the hardest part of self-recognition is finding your real needs!This is the core of life and the core of education.Confucius’ philosophical thought is also developed and constructed from this.Confucius went on to discuss the methodology of education: “One should not leave the tao in a moment;Can leave, not the way.That is why the gentleman is cautious about what he does not see and fears what he does not hear.Do not appear hidden, do not appear small.So the gentleman is careful of its own.Joy, anger, sorrow, joy of not hair, that.Hair and are in the section, the sum of.To zhonghe, heaven position yan, all things yan.In also, the world of this also.Harmony also, the world to reach the tao also.”University: The Way of university…….Stop at the best.”Now that the learning objectives have been clearly set.So how do you actually learn?Confucius believed that learning must be based on the original.At any time, we should grasp the fundamental problem of first philosophy to study, think and practice.Once you forget the philosophical essence, you will lose many people, create prejudice, distort correct cognition.The tao is the supreme good.The way of university lies in that fist and fist are absorbed in the best way and can not leave instantly.Therefore, the most important thing for a gentleman to study is to see the first philosophy: “Therefore, a gentleman should be cautious of what he does not see, and be afraid of what he does not hear.”How to find the trace of the first philosophy noumenon?”The University” holds that thinking is the necessary condition for acquiring cognition, and stillness is the prerequisite for thinking: “Knowing and stillness leads to stillness, stillness leads to stillness, stillness leads to security, security leads to concern, and concern leads to acquisition.”Thinking is thinking, the way of thinking is the thing, the purpose of the thing is to know: “the thing then know to, know to, and then sincerity, sincerity and then heart, heart is and later body repair, body repair and then family qi, home qi and then country governance, country governance and then world peace.From the son of Heaven to the concubines, one is to cultivate morality.”Here is a complete life outline of Confucian philosophy – the eight steps of university.The first step is lattice, lattice is dialectical thinking, Yin and Yang thinking.Things include things inside and things outside.Internal things include their own body, mind and conscious thought, in addition, all are external things, including physics, chemistry and other scientific systems.”The Doctrine of the Mean” focuses on the internal things (sex, emotion) : “Do not see hidden, do not show micro.The desire system and motivation system deep in the subconscious of human body are directly connected with the universe.Because “what is ordained is sex”.Be careful in your own place, cause the imaginary pole, keep quiet, get rid of the vulgar disturbance, stop calm, sit in meditation and forget, observe and see the secret laws deep in the human unconscious with the light of consciousness “logical thinking”.– “So the gentleman is careful of his own.”Hence came the core of Chinese Zen philosophy, “understanding the mind and seeing the nature”.Because emotions are created by motivation and satisfaction!Heaven is sex, sex is love.One nature, one disposition.Guo Dian Chu Jane “the sex pretenses” : the sex pretenses, the life descends from heaven, the way begins feeling, feeling is born in sex.Wang Pingzhen in The Book of Rites of Da Dai notes: “Sex is the foundation of affection..When it is quiet, it is water; when it is quiet, it is sex; when it is moving, it is emotion.Mencius said, ‘He who tries his heart knows his nature;If you know the nature, you know the sky.”Awareness is the first step in the lattice of things, awareness is the second step.We cannot see the nature without knowing the heart.The key of the first step is to understand the noumenon of the human mind. The noumenon of the mind can only be perceived when there is no emotional storm. The cognition and awareness of the noumenon of the mind is the first step of the maturity of the human mind.And gradually become aware of the mysteries of the subconscious.– “Joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are not uttered.”People not only do not do the slave of emotions, but also to mobilize the power of emotions, do the master of emotions.Because emotions have enormous life power.Great people are good at using the power of emotion to accomplish the cause of the foreign king, to help the whole world to evolve harmoniously.– “The sum of all parts is called.In also, the world of this also.Harmony also, the world also reach tao.To zhonghe, heaven position yan, all things nourish Yan “.”The Doctrine of the Mean” : “Only the world is sincere, in order to do its sex;If one can fulfill his nature, he can fulfill his human nature;If we can fulfill the nature of man, we can fulfill the nature of things.If the nature of things can be exhausted, the cultivation of heaven and earth can be praised.If you can praise the cultivation of heaven and earth, you can relate to them.The interpretation is as follows: only the empty, the quiet and the sincere can be unhinderable, and the sincere wisdom can be the heart of the truth, and with the sincere wisdom can be the deep motivation system of the self.Only the world is sincere, in order to do its best to explore the deep motivation system of self, to explore the deep motivation system of human beings.If we can do our best in nature, we can do our best in exploring the deep motivation system of human beings, and then we can do our best in exploring the essential laws of all things.If we can make the best of human nature, we can make the best of things to observe the essential laws of all things, so as to help the universe and human evolution.If we can make the best of things, we can praise the development of heaven and earth and help the evolution of the universe and human beings. Only in this way can we realize the true meaning of life, “the unity of heaven and man”.Thus, it can be seen that a thorough observation and cognition of the self-unconscious intrinsic motivation system is the core content and foundation of Confucian learning, and also the key for Confucian to grasp the first philosophy and the first cause of the universe.Zhuangzi said, “Real life leads to real knowledge.”Real people are not immortals in the mountains, but real people who seek truth from facts, understand and abide by the rules.”University” : the so-called sincere its meaning, do not deceive oneself also……People see themselves, such as see its lung liver ran……So the gentleman must be careful of its own.Sincerity is not self-deception, truth is the essential quality of Confucian scholars!The objective attitude of facing oneself truly and seeking truth from facts needs strict self-awareness training. Otherwise, self-deception is like a poisonous snake hidden in human nature, forming a terrible psychological defense, which is the root of all original sin.”The Mean” : since cheng Ming, that the nature;Since Ming cheng, that the teaching.Honesty is Ming yi, Ming is sincere……Sincere, the way of the day also;Honesty, the way of people also.Honesty, do not encourage and in, do not think and get, easy in the way, saints also.- A saint is endowed with the ability to comprehend the first philosophical gift. He learns the way of heaven from top to bottom. He does not need to learn knowledge from outside, but directly observes and understands the way of the first philosophy sincerely from the heart.Most people lack talent, so they can only learn humanely from the bottom up. They need to understand all kinds of knowledge systems, and finally realize the fundamental road of the first philosophy.Humane learning method “The Mean” : honest people, choose good and stubborn people.Learn, interrogate, reflect carefully, distinguish clearly and practice earnestly.If you have the Buddha to learn, the Buddha to learn, the Buddha to learn also;If you ask the Buddha, the Buddha knows and the Buddha knows.There is fursi, the furde of thought, fertso also;There is Ephah, ephah, Ephah, ephah;There is Buddha line, line of Buddha Benedict, Fertso also.One can, has a hundred;A man of ten is a man of a thousand.If you can do this, though you are foolish, you will be bright, though you are soft, you will be strong.”The humane learning method of the mean is extremely advanced thinking practice philosophy training method, the first is to choose a good project persistent research.The specific educational steps are as follows: 1. Extensive collection of materials and information; 2. Detailed inquiry and questioning; 3.Think carefully, 4. Identify clearly, 5.Either don’t learn, learn never give up without learning;Either don’t ask, ask did not know never give up;Or don’t want to, don’t want to never give up;Or do not distinguish, distinguish not clear never give up;Or you don’t do it, and you don’t stop until you do it.Others with an effort can do, I use a hundred efforts to do;Others with very hard to do, I use a thousand efforts to do.If this can be done, though the stupid can certainly become wise, though the weak can certainly become strong.This is the training of logic thinking in Confucian philosophy as a whole.It is worthy of reference for modern education.”The Doctrine of the Mean” : honest, become also;And tao, from tao also.People can be sincere, is bound to grow, and knowledge will be natural through, life will be spontaneous success!”The Mean” : only the world is sincere, to be able to run the world of the big classics, establish the world of the big, know the world of the education.What does the husband have to do?Sincerity is the only reliance of the inner saint and the outer king!Can understand the law of the first philosophy, establish the fundamental law of a harmonious world.Confucian culture is the mainstay of Chinese culture, and its first philosophy is broad and profound, which can not be expressed in a single article.Due to the limited space, this paper only makes some brief introduction to the first philosophy system of Confucianism, and no further discussion. We will discuss it later if we are interested.On the fifth day of the first lunar month in 2022