Experts debate the winter Olympics opening ceremony: wonderful combination of Chinese traditional culture and aesthetics of science and technology | new Beijing think-tank roundtable BBS

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This is the rejoining of Chinese civilization and the Olympic Movement.Article | check zhiyuan KeRui late February 4, remarkable the 24th winter Olympic Games in Beijing held a grand opening ceremony in the national stadium.Chinese civilization and the Olympic Movement have joined hands again.February 4 falls on Start of Spring, the first solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar.What are the highlights of the opening ceremony?What is the meaning of “Start of Spring” in Chinese culture?What are the similarities and similarities between Chinese civilization and Greek civilization, the symbol of the Olympic Games?To this end, the Xinjing Think Tank held a round-table seminar titled “China-Spain Cultural Dialogue when The Start of Spring meets the Winter Olympics”.Experts from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Communication University of China, Beijing Sport University, civilization magazine and other organizations discussed.On the evening of February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened with a grand ceremony at the National Stadium.Photo/Xinhua Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony more modern from the Yellow River water sky, to the welcoming pine panhuan nest;From hand to hand handed down the national flag, to the five-star red flag and ice and snow five rings each other.On The night of Feb. 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was a creative spectacle that left people wowed.Liang Yabin, a professor at the International Strategic Research Institute of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, said that “the water of the Yellow River comes from heaven” is indeed full of Chinese aesthetic interest and beauty of landscape painting.Chinese civilization has always emphasized the Yellow River civilization, which is an important part of Chinese culture.This creativity comes out from the point of view of image, reflecting the characteristics of farming culture behind.The water of the Yellow River comes from heaven, flows into the Yellow River, and flows into the sea, which reflects the integration into the world. “We have our own characteristics, but our characteristics are finally integrated into the world.”Jiang Xiaojie, a professor at the College of Humanities of Beijing Sport University, said the reverse of the 24 solar terms before the opening ceremony was more impressive.The first one feels intimate and has a strong sense of cultural display in it.In addition, the opening ceremony presented a very strong science and technology aesthetics, with some of the latest scientific and technological means to present the Chinese civilization as a whole.Indeed, there was no ancient clothes in the opening ceremony. From the perspective of cultural confidence, the subjectivity itself was removed, but the subjectivity was presented.”We don’t have to express who we are, but we express who we are at the same time.That in itself shows that we are confident enough.”In addition, Jiang Xiaojie also said that if compared with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, very obvious feeling is that the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games means more traditional, the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games this time, feel more modern.After watching the opening ceremony, Liang Yabin said that the “snowflake torch” link is very distinctive.First, the creativity is very special, with the names of the participating countries, meaning and shape are particularly good.Second, the small torch not only maintains the tradition, but also energy-saving and environmental protection, and with the huge snowflake shape, bright and eye-catching, and create a kind of ethereal beauty.Lou Xiaoqi, president of Civilization magazine, said that after watching the opening ceremony, she felt it was “very zhang Yimou”.Looking back at the history of the Development of the Olympic Games, people have no sense of technology. It is precisely the cultural elements that will leave a deep impression on people.▲ The Olympic cauldron burns at the National Stadium on February 4, the night of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Ji Deqiang, a professor and deputy dean of the Institute of Human Destiny at the Communication University of China, said hosting the Olympic Games should be based on a country’s culture, which is a basic premise.However, due to the different level of globalization and internationalization in each country, the organizational form and cultural expression of the Olympic Games with the country as the main body and the host city as the carrier are unique and even unique.In Ji deqiang’s opinion, the post-epidemic global context makes people realize the importance of co-existence, sharing and co-construction.”In the 2008 Summer Olympics, we presented China of China;Under the circumstance that the degree of globalization and internationalization is higher than before, the Beijing Winter Olympics shows cultural confidence from ‘China’s China’ to ‘Global China’ to look outside.”Jiang xiaojie said that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics “does not wear historical costumes, and does not tell the story of 5,000 years”, which is very different from the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games demonstrated our autonomy, subjectivity and uniqueness with the help of tangible cultural objects.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics no longer requires or utilizes any of these artifacts or tangible cultures to express itself.This means a transformation of the coordinate system of civilization, from particularism to universalism, which reflects the transformation of the relationship between the other and the self into an equal communication relationship.Jiang xiaojie stressed that particularism is difficult to construct the concept of community.”As the Olympic Games continue to be held, the internal thinking is changing, we need to move from particularism to a kind of universalism.”As for the cultural confidence reflected behind the Winter Olympics, Xie Maosong, senior researcher of the National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Institute and director of the China Road and Chinese Civilization Research Center, said that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the most important to show the subjectivity of civilization from the perspective of academic principles and the direction of The Times.The subjectivity of civilization is not divorced from the rise of the modern nation-state. The subjectivity of civilization, the subjectivity of the state and the subjectivity of the nation are trinity, and the subjectivity of the state and the subjectivity of the nation are fundamentally the subjectivity of culture and civilization.Xie pointed out that the Beijing Winter Olympics begin on The day of Start of Spring, the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, which is always alive.This is a kind of civilization confidence of a continuous and unbroken civilization power, and the universality reflected by this kind of continuous civilization confidence contains the universality of western culture.In Lou Xiaoqi’s opinion, the modern Olympic Movement has experienced 130 years of development from 1892 to 2022, and its cultural development has also changed from 1.0 to 2.0.The Olympic Movement is more than just a sports competition. After different countries integrate their cultures and systems into it, it has more impact, passion and continuous integration.Lou xiaoqi said that the development of Chinese civilization has been an open attitude historically, which also makes the achievements of Chinese civilization in the formation process of continuous precipitation, integration and expansion.The openness and inclusiveness of The Chinese civilization is not only based on the civilization created by China itself, but also on the civilization of Asia and the whole world, which is why the Chinese civilization has developed to this day.In Liang yabin’s view, the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not victory, but participation, just as the most important thing in life is not success, but struggle;Not to have conquered, but to have fought well.This is the spirit we want to embody.”So this time, we welcome all countries and all ethnic groups, no matter what the social system is. We welcome you, but we don’t care if you don’t come. This shows more participation.”▲ On the evening of February 4, athletes from five continents gathered at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Lou Xiaoqi said that one of the characteristics of the Olympic Games is the integration of the passion of young people, in the form of passion, competition and self-expression under the rules of competition, competition and competition under the rules to show the vitality of youth.”If there is one word to describe the Olympics and the Spring Festival, I think one word is’ born to the sun ‘. In fact, the start of Spring is a new cycle of natural life.”Xie Maosong said that in traditional Chinese thinking, “Li” means the beginning, which means the establishment of Yang qi in spring, so it is called the beginning of Spring.The key word of the Beijing Winter Olympics theme is “together for the future”. In Chinese tradition, we also hold the start of Spring ceremony together, which means we face the future together.”The beginning of Spring is the beginning of the rise of the whole Yang qi, but also indicates the Renaissance of Chinese civilization has a great future, which is the” Yi Zhuan “said in the ‘great virtue of heaven and earth yue Sheng’ a kind of endless power.”In Ji deqiang’s opinion, spring is a very important concept for Chinese people. For example, when we tell the “story of spring”, it is not a matter of season, at least not a simple seasonal culture. It represents the new political discourse of reform and opening up and China’s development.The Beijing Winter Olympics coincides with the start of Spring in the Chinese lunar calendar. Jiang xiaojie said that “Start of Spring” has two meanings. Culturally, Start of Spring is the first solar term, and “Li” itself indicates a color of construction, including establishment, establishment and creation.In addition, the beginning of Spring also means thawing.Yang qi really germinates from the winter solstice to the beginning of spring, when all things revive, Yang qi began to steam, rising, which means that the earth has begun to thaw on the day of the beginning of spring.”It is also a very good day for our current epidemic prevention and control efforts.It means that the severe state we face is gradually getting better and is nearing its end, and that a new order, a new phase, is coming.”Fireworks create a welcoming pine during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 4.Ji deqiang said that the post-EPIDEMIC era is full of uncertainties, contradictions, disputes and anti-globalization atmosphere. In this context, how to tell Chinese traditional culture and Chinese stories well is very complicated.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games shows that China is trying to open its narrative boundary and let everyone see China’s modernization. It is actually very important to let the outside world know China through such high-level cultural presentation.In Xie Maosong’s opinion, it is necessary to grasp the three levels of high school, middle school and low school when we deeply understand ourselves and tell Chinese stories to the outside world.”High” means to have a clear understanding of the whole underlying structure of Chinese civilization. Chinese civilization is a civilization of rites and music, with a set of values and institutional arrangements behind it.”Zhong” refers to the system, political order arrangement and the relationship between politics and economy, culture and society in contemporary China.”Low” is an understanding of lifestyle, such as why Li Qi is able to have such an impact.These three levels should be worked through.In the international communication, how to explore and utilize traditional Chinese culture, and tell a good Story of China that is open, inclusive and transcendent?Jiang xiaojie believes that there are two key aspects. On the one hand, we should fully recognize the diversity of society. Diversity is the objective reality of a modern society, and this diversity often reflects great differences or conflicts in culture, which is a prerequisite.On the other hand, when promoting cultural exchanges between China and the West, we should not let such exchanges among the people be closed.For example, some foreigners like to read Chinese network novels, although this is not the result of official behavior, but through such a folk culture, foreigners can have a higher level of understanding of Chinese culture.How to tell the Chinese story well to the world? Lou Xiaoqi believes that the opening ceremony is held at the beginning of Spring, which shows the emergence, adaptation, integration and finally harmony of the sun. This is also the process of the formation and development of the community with a shared future for mankind.To tell China’s stories that benefit the world is the new focus of our storytelling.”A Chinese story that the world wants to hear is also a story of the world.”The Beijing news reporter | ‘ KeRui edit | KeRui He Rui proofing | Guo Li