Spring is the season when rain comes

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Solar term Rain Rain day Street light rain as crisp grass color distant look close but no today at 0:43, we ushered in the 24 solar terms, the second solar term – rain.On February 18-20 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 330 degrees, it is the rain time.Rain Water Solar term generally starts from February 18 to 20 and ends on March 4 or 5. Rain Water solar term means the beginning of rain, but the rainfall level is mainly light rain or drizzle.At this time, in the northern hemisphere, the sunshine duration and intensity are increasing, the temperature rises faster, and the warm and wet air from the ocean becomes active and gradually moves northward.Meanwhile, cold air, not to be outdone in its weakening trend, frequently competes with warm air to produce rain.YU SHUI solar term poetry all media reporter Guo Yuqian photo “Happy Rain on spring Night” (Tang dynasty) Du Fu good rain knows the season, when spring is happening.The wind into the night, moisten things silently.Wild path cloud all black, river ship fire alone Ming.Xiao see red wet place, flower heavy Brocade official city.”Early Spring Light Rain” (Tang) Han Yu Day Street Light rain as crisp, grass color distant look close but no.The most is a spring benefit, absolutely win yanliu full emperor.Spring Rain (Tang Dynasty) Li Shangyin nglang New Year white clothes, white door empty meaning much.Red chamber across the rain look cold, beads foil lamp alone.Chun Wan road should be much sorrow later, residual Xiao still have dreams vaguely.Jade dang jia he by up to, wan Liyun Luo Yiyan fly.After rain, the spring breeze warms up, pathogenic bacteria and viruses are easily spread by the wind, so infectious diseases often break out in spring.Everyone should protect themselves, pay attention to physical exercise, enhance resistance, prevent the occurrence of disease.All media reporter Guo Yuqian take rain solar term, the north Yin cold, temperature change, although not as cold as winter, but because human skin Cou reason has become relatively loose, the resistance to the evil of wind and cold will be weakened, so at this time should also pay attention to “spring wu”.◆ Statement: Pictures from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if you infringe your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will delete in time.