Shouyang: A boy who fell into a 5m deep ventilation shaft while playing hide-and-seek was rescued by firefighters

2022-05-12 0 By

At around 17:55 on February 17, a 12-year-old boy fell into a ventilation shaft while playing hide-and-seek with his partner in a residential area of Yujing Haoting, Shouyang County.Passing warm-hearted residents saw this situation, they quickly called the police.After receiving the alarm, Shouyang County Cao He Road fire rescue station immediately rushed to the scene to carry out rescue.Fire rescue personnel arrived, found that some of the community is taking a ladder to rescue the little boy fell into the ventilation shaft.According to the scene, the boy was playing hide-and-seek with his friends when he climbed to the top of the ventilation shaft to hide and fell into the well.The ventilation shaft is located between two apartment buildings in the community, about five to six meters deep. The gap between the buildings is narrow, and only two or three people can stand.Combined with the situation at the scene, the fire rescue personnel put the step ladder into the ventilation shaft and used ropes to send an experienced member of the team to the ventilation shaft for rescue.Arriving at the bottom of the well, the fire and rescue workers first checked on the boy, who had a sprained foot but was fine for the rest of his body.After communicating with the child, it was determined that the child could walk on his own, and the rescue workers put him on the step ladder and protected him at the back.When they reached the head of the well, waiting rescuers quickly grabbed the boy by the arm and carried him to safety.”Thank you, thank you!After the child was rescued, the parents waiting at the wellhead thanked the fire and rescue workers.Fire Tips Time hide-and-seek is a childhood game that everyone plays, but while it is fun, you must pay attention to safety.Parents must inform their children of these places to hide when playing hide-and-seek: 1. Do not hide in closets in case of suffocation.2. Do not hide in the power supply side to avoid electric shock;3. Do not hide behind the door in case of clamp injury;4. Never hide in a place with a table corner;5. Do not hide in the balcony, trees and other places, in case of falling;6. Never play hide-and-seek at night or in dark places;Don’t play hide-and-seek in public places to avoid accidents.Source: Jinzhong Fire Department