Tell the truth!McMorris, Yiming Su idol: Judges sometimes score by preference

2022-05-12 0 By

China’s Su Yiming won the silver medal and Canada’s Mark McMorris took bronze in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In a recent interview, McMurray addressed the issue of referees scoring games.In the race McMorris did an inside spin 1620 and an outside spin off axis feature three weeks 1440, speaking of his own performance:”I think I am and Su Yi is one of the best, the whole snowboarding think so, too, but the referee in the process of grading, emotion is not always like this, sometimes with personal preferences, not only is the problem that spin and complete degrees, there might be something more, that’s why can you always don’t want to be on the podium,You want to be excited about your performance and how well you did it.”It’s worth noting that Ms. Su has said many times before that Ms. McMorris, whom she met 17 years ago, is her idol.This is not the first time For McMorris, who has been to China several times since 2010 to compete in professional snowboarding competitions.