Will eastcount become the shining darling of the ancient stage A?

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Today, the most shining on the ancient stage of A is undoubtedly the East and west calculation, the whole plate high throughout the day, up more than 9%.Concept shares, the first X online, sand X shares, your X network, better X map, Zhejiang X network new have been happy to mention 20 cm, 10 cm trading limit.Concept stocks rose mainly because on the news, four ministries and commissions jointly announced the comprehensive start of the east and west calculation, what is the specific thing, which industries will be driven, involving which listed companies?Let’s give you a quick overview.What is the east number west here.Numeration refers to data, and computation refers to computing power, that is, the transmission of data from the East to the West for calculation and sum.Why do we have to calculate the east number west?Because at the moment.Most of China’s data centers are distributed in the east, but land, energy and other resources are increasingly short, large-scale development of data centers in the east is difficult to sustain.However, the western region is rich in resources and renewable energy, which has the potential to develop data centers to meet the demand for computing power in the east. However, due to insufficient demand, the utilization rate of computing power needs to be improved urgently.Therefore, the east and West calculation can promote the rational distribution of load in the east and west of the data center, and optimize the balance of supply and demand.How does the pattern of east tree suction calculate China’s current one?Eight example hubs and ten clusters are arranged.On February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued a notice, agreeing to start the construction of national computing hubs in eight regions, including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, marking the full launch of the project.To be specific, data with low network requirements, such as background processing, offline analysis, storage equipment, storage backup and other data will be transferred to the West Center, while data with high network requirements, such as artificial intelligence and video conferencing, will remain in the east hub.How does calculating east and West drive industrial development?According to the data, for every one percentage point increase in the computing power index, the digital economy and GDP will increase by 3.3 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively.The annual investment volume of the Project will reach 100 billion yuan, and its driving effect on relevant industries will reach 1:8, much larger than the scale of west-to-East gas transmission and south-to-North water diversion, which is exactly the strength of China’s digital economy.The industrial chain of East Digital And West Digital includes not only traditional civil engineering, but also IT equipment manufacturing, information and communication, basic software, green energy supply, etc., with a wide industrial chain, wide coverage and strong driving effect.Driven by the demand of CITIC Securities Eastern Digital And Western Computing Project for IDCICP equipment, optical module, operator temperature control equipment, optical communication and other fields, the communication sector, as the core base of the Eastern Digital and Western Computing project, is expected to benefit from it.